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Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Not Just The Angpau

Couple of times a year, some couples decides to tie the knots and convene a convention of spectators to help commemorate their big day... and so, I am the usual spectator who will never really plan further on how to go, what to wear, but I do ponder on who will I be sitting with. After all, it's gonna be a couple of hours of sitting and pretend to be nice and gentle with a smirk, a smile and a well mannered tone to blend in well with the atmosphere.
the recent dinner. luxe!!!

I love clubbing! Despite that there are gazillion hot chicks in the clubs. all chicks in the clubs are hot, afterall :) and that includes me. I dont hate wedding dinners, but neither do i hope to have to attend a couple of those dinners in a year. Clubbing gives me a boost of confidence. Dinners shove my esteem all the way back to the Fallopio tube... ok, maybe not that farrrr away..

people whom i always sat with. sien..
(Jo's wedding)

Dinners are really horrifying. In most cases. Sometimes u are seated next to a some muted guest who come with readily planted with a static smirk. Then u gotta start communicating by planting a smirk on your own too, since there isn't gonna be any interesting topic.

memang no topic. sien.. (Lai Yoong's wedding)

if no topic, then just camwhore..

or scratch some back.. :P

Yeah, who to go with is a rather essential factor. If you don't want to get bored, you better make sure u are either super social or you wouldnt mind making new friends who may not be that friendly despite u asking millions of well-mannered question.. By all means if u have some extra cash for angpau, tag a boyfriend along :) , tho not something I condone. Well at least not in my case.. Can u imagine in a year's time, if u have like a couple of these dinners, and each time I may appear with a different guy, people will eventually be doubtful to even strike a conversation with me.
They can't ask : "So wen are u tying the knot?" -- cus just 3 months back it's another guy!! ( :D i am not a player, mind ya )
They also can't be asking : "Oh, this is your boyfriend?" cus they coud have asked the same question 4 months back when it was another guy! So eventually they may shut up -___- and leave me even more alone.. (*The write do not condone multiple relationship. SHe is just a casual dater, not a player ;P )
it's kinda easy to spot me in any dinner, cus i 'd be walking around with the traditional costume of other race with a flower on my head :P

Yup, for the 2nd time, I am attending Chinese wedding in sarees again :)

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