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Saturday, June 13, 2009

That Long Post Not to be Wasted :)

Probably shouldn't even be posting this crap out.. But there times that I so crave attention that I need some cheap publicity!! :P

Some may think I may be depressed and got myself tangled in some complicated relationship after reading.. anyway, it was half written and have been in the draft storage for a while, with no readers.

but this is my blog and I do not see any reason why am I not allowed any mode of posting as long as I can live with people's bitching after that..

Like I always believe, life is just some running episodes like Friends, Desperate Housewives and Betty.. There are episodes and episodes... like it or not.. it just keep running.. and aren't u glad it's still running? Cus if it stops, most probably you will be 6 feet underground, all soiled and all important organs donated to some renal failure victims..

So yeah, I am a very transparent person... but it doesn't mean I am gonna go all out and tell you in details of my life from having Palmolive shower lotion for bath to having nipple stickers for a nite out in clubbing... but I am all OK in sharing my lame episodes in life that evokes a lil bit of emotion, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, but most of the time angry...

A written statement allows one to really analyse their's like getting feedback from another party, but the other party is in fact the writer him/ her self!! Get it? No?

Sometimes we have a lot of things in mind... we keep thinkign and thinking and the thinking process never stop. And you keep having lots of stuff stemming out of your thoughts.. You get more confused and nothings seems rational anymore.. So, I chose to write it down.. Just like writing essay for A levels.. :) When one writes an essay, one needs a title.. So when u have a title, u segregated all your confused thoughts and only focuses on issues related to the title. As you write, you are drawing a better pictures of the entire scenario..and TADA!!! some confusion just got clearer and POOF!!!! you may even be able to come out with a solution to it!!!.. Like what happened to me :)

If I did not clear my sms-inbox, I would have been able to set up a whole archive of your sweet notes :)

But there are just too many of them and I am using a cheap phone with limited storage. But i still have the first, the last and many in betweens that I deem important to keep and re-read once a while when I can't sleep. Wait.. most of the time I can sleep.. Just make it a point to read to have a peaceful sleep :D

One of your very first text on our very first nite out :)

No kiss, no sex, no hugs. Just merely great company.

Lakeside Terrace - the least interesting movie we opted for a first nite out. I survived.
Psst... I don't watch movies. I never accept invites to movies. But I enjoy your company watching crap movies :) which doesn't make sense. But i supposed it's the company.

I enjoy Pink Panther tho. Cos u seem to enjoy it so much :)

Pink Panther was the last we watched and got ourself 'caught'. :)

Slumdog Millionaire was supposed to be the next date. Unfortunately things gone the other way.. :(

Text message system - used to be the important mode of communication between me and boss. I am used to have overflow of text messages from boss giving out instruction. Now things are clearer in office and instruction via sms lessened. But I soooooo look forward to 10pm and above on daily basis whenever u are in town. Cos I also know you will leave some almost typical daily question for me to answer ;

YES :)

YES :)

Gosh.. if only I can archive all.. :)

Ya, there isn't much constructive conversation.. but who need constructive statement? We are not in some financial forum :) Nevertheless, it's an enjoyable process to go thru as a daily ritual :)
It has become like some sort of 'checking-on-u-to-see-if-u-r-still-alive' thing that we do. or U do.
Keeps me sane.
Of course there are times when there will be more than a question and a YES. We do talk !

Your cynical humor :)

I love long distance too. sometimes. Temporary long distance since you travel so much more than a mosquito. Temporary long distance that keep people apart makes them feel more attached and much more sensitive to feelings.

From Siam Reap with much emotion :)

I hate it when tresspasser trespass the time and decides to text me at hours when I am awaiting for your text.. The beeping of the mobile gives me blood rush... yes, im very kan cheong :D

stop sms-ing me!!!

From Singapore after a Merlot :P

stop sms-ing me!!!

I don't really need bushes of flowers. Nor do I need the fattening chocolate. I am all fine with your company. It was a great company provided. I am all fine walking under the hot sun despite some minor rants.. I am all fine sitting on the fine sand, doing nothing.


What am I up to now?? Seriously missing you :(

As usual, what can I possibly do? Nope. Nothing. I spent all my time doing nothing.

But then.. I got to realise that maybe, maybe (tho i hope NOT) these are all illusions created by me. Maybe. Maybe you never wanted to be in this situation. YOu have your dream to see the world before the world see you 5 feet under.

YES :)

Seriously, I am confused to what was the question. But I would hope that the question was ;


If so, then it's a YES YES YES, please. Thank you very much.

I am still trying to figure out if you have ever asked me any other question like ;

- do u like dogs?

- shall we have pancakes and ice creams?

- can u get naked in front of me?

- can u drive me around to do my chores?

I can't recall at all -__- ...............................................................................


Ahahahha.... See? When u take note of your life.. you can really see how silly you can be..

I saw how silly I was.. :)

But let bygones be bygones....

I actually had a continuation to the post. maybe I'll do it another round when I really have nothing much to do...

:) FYI, things were no longer that rosy as what you can see in the post.. It has gotten so.. sien, mundane, fucked up bland as time goes..

I guess that is human nature... people are sometimes ...... fuckin shitty ... I dunno how to even describe... All I can say is it really does take 2 hand to clap.. but when you get to know that your hands are merely needed just to assist in the clap and nothing else, do not be despair..

Look on the bright side... You have just created another brilliant episode in your life and time to move on to a new episode tomorrow :)

Ahh... tomorrow is another bright day!! hmm.. what should I wear? The plunging neckline or the skydiving super high slit skirt? what about both??

oohh...... I think I saw a macho hunk passing by... * pulls blouse lower*

See ya all later !!!!

* pulls blouse more lower *

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  1. This. Is. Surprisingly. Sweet.

    No matter what the outcome.


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