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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Day When I Decides To Buck Up

sick of pondering

The KL Marathon is in few days time..
The company's financial year's accounts is closing in a couple of weeks time..
Designs database is depleting..
Sales is sooooo sparse!!!
Clients' response is soooo slow....
Sooo much money spent on sampling!!!
So much time pondering on what to write in the reports....
And i am still stuck here ... randomly flossing my teeth while hoping for things to fall from the sky...
It's not like I have never given it a thought all this while wen the Wagemaster rants and rants about efficiency.. I swear I did.. but implementation never do materialise..
I dunno why... maybe it was the spirit. The spirit that siphoned out all my radiating power of kineticism to do anything..
But not this time anymore!!!
Think it has come to a point where it's a ' either do or die' thing ..
Yah, for the last time I am telling myself to buck up and perform!!
I really do think I can do it. But somehow I do not know why did I not do it in the first place.
I reckon if i still do not put a foot forward i will never be able to perform a constructive self evaluation of my horsepower in manning my scope of work..
It's time for me to really channel back all my energy which have dispersed so long to streams unidentified. Back to work.
I love my job. I think I can do better. I just do not get it why I get blood rush before sleeping making vows to perform better the day after. When the day comes, I flunked :(

And nothing seems to be done..
Constant pondering and no action made is gonna make a lifeless me...
i need to do something..
i really need to do something..
what has been said is true... i really need to buck up..
it's not really that hard actually...
nothing too emotional to get it done...
And buck up I will!!! We'll see!!

no more messy desk... SOON!

Now, good nite... need to get some sleep and suck in some kinetic power... gotta move the darn freaking-omg-kanina-out-of-the-world-vagina-dropping Ikea sofa sets (x 2 ) upstairs to the gallery *___________*


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