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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Need a Minute Off please

I should be aggresively doing review post in YSK than typing lame post here that doesn't even nudge my own interest..
This is most probably the 5th times I bought something from Asos.  Tried it on and kept it back in the plastic pack.. In hope that one day I will shape up and slim down and wear it like a boss!

I guess I will never have the determination to go down to a Size 10 or maintain at a healthy 12 without a beer belly to flaunt :(

shapelessly boring....

belly belly rise like a valley


I wonder will I ever encounter a day when I have to seek medical treatment because of some chronic disease that could have gotten into me due to unhealthy lifestyle - like those 'growth', heart attack (ate too much fat food), kidney failure ( drink so little water). I sometimes wonder how do I face up with life if I do ever get any of these.. I mean, to catch a cold and have a headache to me is excruciatingly painful. 
I have zero tolerance to pain. I don't know how certain people can go thru it on a monthly basis. 

If one day I do have those sickness, I hope it's not as painful and dreadful as pictured :(
If it is, I would be glad to end it a.s.a.p

The urge to continue my pursue in yoga is swelling out of a sudden. While I was trying to repharse opening prayers for Odissi while warming up, I uttered 'Yogena Citta ..' that is used for yoga and not dance class!  :S

I am again drained out of energy of late. Not because I have a 'queen control' boss again who picks on everything and anything. I have used up my energy in alot of things.. And I still am not able to brush off my carelessness at work! :(

There is so much expectation on me from alot of parties. I can no longer be a 24 hours customer service counter to all. I cannot satisfy every party.. I need some time doing nothing for ownself..

I am so occupied it feels like a clot of lard in my arteriol :(

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