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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Less Than 95%

No this is not a beauty post. 
Merely a post on a humid Friday night with 1,205 strands of fallen hair on the floor, a floor not mopped for the past 2 weeks and a stack of technical documents waiting to be read.

A week passes by so fast! I haven't manage to catch some breath and have afternoon naps. Been too many nights that I have been collapsing on the cement floor amidst an ocean of dresses and tender documents.


Thru this paragraph, it is already a Monday night with a killing headache. And I have chopped of some hair to reduce the risk of balding :(

Seriously, life isn't hard. Work too isn't hard. but the harder part of life is having to deal with incompetent people. Today, I realised my competency level has dropped tremendously.

For the past 2 weeks, I have gained the victorious attempt to continuously send out miscalculated or mis-spelled terms in quotes to clients. Like CONTINUOUSLY! It literally scares the poop out of me to know that I have committed such act that only an apprentice or a lowly paid clerk can afford to do wrong. I hate not to be able to be the best. I hate the feeling of losing people's trust because of own carelessness. It's a really bad thing to pick up for a manager who have so many years of experience and yet have failed to look over some details on documents. I feel like jumping off cliff and crashing my own head :(

It didn't help to know that 101% of the staff and superior inclusive that I have around me show a below par attitude to work. As hardworking as they could be, nothing gets done in an intelligent way. There is always a need to rectify and polish the first layer of job implemented. 

Having seen this, day in and day out, I suspect these acts have been contagious and have reached unto me!
I am extremely pissed at the people around me and equally pissed to for letting myself deviate from the way I want work to be - perfectly perfect. So sad that I fell asleep flat on the work desk thinking baout it :(


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