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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Filler Post


Safi Rania Gold Beauty cream as primer

As much as  don't like the stickiness of the Rania Gold, I am determined to finish this and move ahead to try another beauty cream from Al-aisyah - another local produce.

Hahaha, not everyday do I actually show my naked face to the public because I am afraid that it may cause public outrage to have ugly face roaming around the street :(

Greedily committed to too many reviews that I have exhausted 2 sets of battery from over camwhoring.

Camwhore again for the Secret Styler from Supermodels Secrets

If you can't wait for review, go buy NOW !!

I was getting worried today as I have used up my own money for some workers' claim, and I can' stand to see a depleting amount in the bank since I was in the self-challenge to not issue salary to myself for the second month, things got to a better turn. Managed to flock off some dresses and gain some cash back to sustain awhile :) The thing about not issuing self salary is pretty complicated and shall not be the highlight here.
Self torture is sometimes good. It gives us the mood to empathize with situation that we cannot foresee will happen. And most probably someone else out there is in the same situation and things could have turned out sour. I am glad all the disarray in life get itself sorted somehow.

Stupid weekend is passing by so fast most probably I won't be able to do much. Most probably I will fail in my coming dance exam too. Never had I expected to have to endure exam period again. What turn out simply as a platform to learn a dance for is now a nightmare for me =(

The thought of getting back to yoga to have to be put aside now that I am on self-torture mode. Life is hard!!!

And this is totally not my style of writing.... eugghh....

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