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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Pound Lighter

Yeah, apparently I am finally resorting to such supplement to weight loss. 
Actually I don't care if I am still at 72kgs.. but I want to be a size smaller!

I have always been 72 kgs.I am neither here nor there. I always think I am fat, but then they said no, I am not. So I thought maybe I could be sllim enough, but then there were alot of doubts and err...ermm from people around so. It's not fair! I am neither here nor there! 

merely illusion and I could be a good poser to hide those 72kgs..

Anyway, I just bought a box of this V6 thing. And no, this is not a review. Didn't bother to read about it and just took an online friend's instruction to mix it and drink.

RM150 for 15 sachets! Can buy a green tea latte per sachet!

Lucky it's a citrusy concotion and not creamy stuff, of which I cannot tolerate

To be mixed into cold water

And shake

Seriously hoping that at the end of it, I can at least be convinced that fat from eating MacDonalds breakfast  can be disposed and later be able to stuff myself into those skimpy dresses I have secretly bought.

I was told that it will suppress appetite. This is the first sachet I took. Don;t see any supressing form as yet. Wallop an ice cream drumstick while waiting for the suppressing feel to turn on -_-

I have also bought the Mustika Ratu  Surut Kaplet which I do take form time to time tho not too often as I cannot tolerate the heat. Consumption of the jamu caplet 3 days a week will increase my body temperature and later sore throat. Hence I only take twice a week. It's good for constipation. it could have work if I dont have more MacDonalds breakfast meal more often than I excrete.

I don't need to be thin. Just make me good enough to stuff myself into those UK10 dresses please!

This is such a busy week at work and juggling those reviews that I committed myself too -_-
I stay awake on a particular weekday just to watch the CCTV and check if boss goes to office as what he promised. I checked at 4.30am - nothing. 5am, also nothing. 7am - still nothing. By then I just hope he secretly experience the wettest dream of the century and collapse from heart palpitation! His stupid unprofessional act have resulted in me having to face major humiliation for denying a tender interview. *Note to self - never to trust a kampung person can be corporate in a year*

I skipped work on Friday to show my protest to lazy employer and decides to make a trip to Supermodels Secrets and check out what's new.

These are some hauls!! Some sponsored some bought. If you haven't been checking them out, do hop over at SUPERMODELS SECRETS and check out for their latest arrivals. There could be some new stuff here in my picture that you may not be able to locate in their site yes, but juts email them and say you spotted from me first! =P

Started with a Nudy BB Cream from the brand elishacoy, now available in Supermodels Secrets.
Catch my review soon in YourShoppingKaki - your local review platform! ;)

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