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Monday, June 11, 2012


I seriously do think so. 
Don't you think so?
In the shortest period of time, I have managed to create dependancy towards me from boss and clients.
I am like god-ly - that everyone will have to look for Cynthia, be it to ask for opinion, to seek advice on technical difficulties  (dafuq!), on project management, foreign labour allocation and now... proposals - of some technical relevant structure and interphasing which most probably I have never know existed. 

I am not sure if dependancy is good, but it sure does make me feel important. Though I don't really like it to have people calling me up at 9am to ask me how to deploy site people, or possibility for me to pay them some money first for their job done and such. Because it's hard for me to talk rationally at 9am, when I am still on the bed >,>

It is always my priority to ensure that my staff and clients and of course boss get the best of services and execution from me. I am such a sucker for perfcton (though of late, I have been making mistakes with dates! punching in wrong dates in quotation and billings.. omg)
Once you execute well, people get pleased and they will start rooting their work onto you. Which is sometimes not very good. Because you will then get a never ending stream of emails attentioned to you and only to be cc-ed to those who were once in charge, but was now not given the role to be in it anymore.

Lke it or not, being a believer of super-kiasu-I-must-win-every-battle-and-impress-you-all-till-your-mouth-shut, I have read up on fiber optic transmission for CCTV monitoring system in a huge area and loosely figured how it will work, that I can story you the entire flow of creating a network of fiber structural backbone. Amazing or not? 
I have also forced in some concept in designing a conventional fire alarm protection  system for buildings to my small pot of brains and am now able to give you a pretty basic brief on the different core of PVC cables hat you should use when your cables goes from indoor to outdoor. Please.... am I awesome or not?

Don't know how drafters can understand what they have draft. So complicated!!

My colourful illustration to help me speed up my understanding


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