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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When You Wake Up

Sometimes alot of us try very hard to be the perfect epitome of what we wanted those around us to see.
So we talk like a boss
We smirk like a succesful business person securing a great deal
We give opinion like a prime minister
We make decision like we are the grandmaster from Lord of the Ring

Little did we know
From another corner of the table
They may perceive you on another perspective you never knew
You talk like an aged diva with no essence
Your wry smile reminds others that you are as crude as the nosy neughbour next door who steals the neighbourhood sandals
Your opinion does not matter, because no one will be convinced that your house can be a temple
Your decision making skills is so scarce that the smell of a fart makes a bigger impact

To tell you that you sucks is to tell the mirror that it is dirty
To not to tell you anything is most probably a catalyst to enlarge the ego tumor in you
To laugh at you is like laughing at a sore loser who have yet to know how sore is the wound on the feet

I feel for you my friend..
I feel..
When you have learnt that life is more than what you perceive it is according to your egoistic opinion
Perhaps then you can knock on my door and say Hi :)

totally irrelevant but Hi!! 

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