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Sunday, April 22, 2012

No, I Am Not Okay

Sometimes I wish I can sing well, and works as an entertainer who belts out powerful vocals to loud songs.
And maybe works at clubs over the weekends belting songs from Katy Perry, Florence and the Machines and Rihanna maybe..
It's Saturday and not even midnite and here I am, in shorts and free t shirts, lounging at home with nothing much to do.
Those who knows me often wonders why the frak am I stuck at home with no invites to go out. I don't know. I seriously do not know.
It makes me wonder much too - why am I stuck at home with pretty dresses, awesome makeup skills, long stacks of 5 inches heels - and yet.. nowhere to go -_-
It's sad. Much sad that no  NCIS or Grey's Anatomy or Glee can do to wipe off the sober-dom I am suffering.
Wait.. I am not sober..
Perhaps a little bit clueless - as to why am I stuck at home on a Saturday nite when all the not so hot people go out to Jaya One (without make up and wearing RM25 dresses) and hang out in Brussels Beer Cafe getting amazed at a pint of Hoegarrden that kept them there the entire nite..
And I..
And I...
All I get to do on a fine Saturday with remix songs playing in HitzFM is to try to be home as early possible so as to secure a parking spot in this remote residential area ( remote yet not rich residential area, please..) so that I won't need to park at the side of the main road.
Then I get home, go online and be the hippest coolest woman available online, while everyone is offline and happily eating tapas while waiting for 10pm to strike and hit the club... huaaaaaaa.....
All I get to do is answer to obnoxious, long winded question from strangers who emailed me to ask what size should they buy if they want to buy dresses from an external, not related to me, and I certainly do not work for the dress company, and definitely not profiting- on what fits them best.. dafuq!

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