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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Just Don't

I hate gatherings. Family gatherings. Relatives gathering to be precise.
I don't know why they bother to when all that they want to do is to again showcase their best - home decor, food and achievement. Wait, that's the whole purpose..

Don't ask me how am I doing. Not that you would do a tiny bit to help me uplift my life in anyway.
Perhaps you may. I shall not be judgemental.
Don't ask me what do I do now for a living. Because I don't even know what your children are doing.
And whatever they are doing, ya, ya I know they did well. And I am not a doctor, accountant or pilot. I am just a business development manager.. or in your definition a sales person with a more hi-tech name.

No one knows what I do, because a Business Development Manager is such a scarce and unspecific title.. A drug addict who needs money decides to ask for parking fees for anyone who parks at a specific road. A retiree who offers to write letters for the neighbours in return of some charges. Perhaps that's what most of you think I do. A small opportunist who will never make it up there. I am fine with your thoughts.

Don't ask me if I treat my mum well. Did you see her head being bandaged up because I may have blatantly bashed her up? Did you see her all bruised up in the eyes? What kinda answer do you expect from me? That the past couple of weeks I sort of abused her but no I stopped because she has yet to come up with irritating acts?

Don't remind me to take my mum to better place to have dinner. So you think coffee house is not good enough? Must I go Carcosa Seri Negara and eat scones to prove that I did not mistreat her? By the way, my boss have to stop going to stall by the street or mix rice stall or food court whenever we have lunch. Because I do not patronise eateries with 90% foreign labours, or places where once you look down on the floor andyou can spot spots of phlegm. No, thank you very much.

So yeah, don't be wise and suggest me to take her to better place, because if I go one level up from my standard operating procedure, I shall be the Mother of Queen.

There really isn't a point to keep nudging me with funny question like when are you going to show your boyfriend? Because when I reverted with 'Which one you referring for year 2011?', you stared in astonishment and go speechless and would have presumed I am either a slut or a picky little fat slut. Whatever it is, at least I don't die a virgin..


On another totally unrelated note... Boss tapau-ed lunch for me yesterday. That pack of 'thing' were full to the brim with rice laced with pork, chicken and duck meat and 3 slices of cucumber.. wlecome to the world of cheena..
He complained he had a sudden blankness of sight when he was looking into some layout plan of some fire security system and had to count the number of smoke detectors on 3 floors. So he rolled it up and pass to me and said he is getting old and cannot count properly.. =_=
Welcome to the world of cheena...

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