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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Water oh Water

This place where I live probably is the most dedicated when it comes to building maintenance - Y U MUST FIX THE WATER TANK EVERY GOD DAMN YEAR!!

Old people pee in the lift.
Machas bring their kapchai up to their unit in a public lift.
Uncles smokes and goes into lift.
Once in a while, some looney decides to commit suicide and jump of from whichever unit they lived in.
Of recent, a woman was slashed to death for reasons I am not aware ( I don't mix with the kepoh group)

It is so rare that there are black out.
But why must you do an annual repairing job on the water tank and stop water supply for 5 days in a row!?
Got corpse in the tank? Dead cat? Assasinated human bodies?


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