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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Y U No Post My Items

--because you piss the shit and fart out of my bladder..

I have decided to go on strike today and not post a single thin in Pasar Night and prolong the anxiety in some woman who have no tactical skills in writing polite emails.
I would have post the below without informing Sha Lene, but I guess then I will be fired after posting... so welcome to Suhana - my major dumpsite of all angst

Well, there are a few factors I can think of :
- because I don't like the look of your dress
-because I don't like your email address
-because feng shui is bad on the day you sent in your email
-because I don't want to share with the world those great bargains you fellows are offering

But beneath all these factors, the main factors that could have contributed to my delay in posting is that most of you shop alot! that we receive a minimum of 25- 50 emails a day from shoppers who wants to resell their items (told ya that you all shop alot)

How It Works
Regulars resellers should be aware by now that whenever your item is posted, I will email you to inform 'Congratulation! Your item is labeled 1234 and posted and let's hope it gets sold'. And when your item do get sold and you want to eliminate more buyers from bugging you with 'hello, is this still available?' 'hello, is this still available?', 'hello, is this still available?' for another 100 times, you email me back to inform 'Hello Miss Pasar Night (you do know this ain't my name rite), my item no 1234 is sold and I am RM25 richer. Please remove item'

How Do You Describe Your Items
In the simplest form possible. Captions like "It's so pretty and amazing I have never seen such item before" doesn't really work to make people buy. Let your picture do their job. Buyers need to know  your 'Gold-plated-heels-which-is-amazingly-something-that-no-one-have-ever-seen-before' exact size so that they can decide to further consider buying or not.
Give details that potential buyers need to know so that they can immediately decide if it fits them or not. I am sure no one would be keen to know the history behind your lace skirt which was given as a gift by your ex-boyfriend and now that you have gone separate ways, you need to get rid of it because it will make you emotionally unstable.

Details like 'I need money desperately' too most probably won't contribute to me putting your items as priority and forgo other people in the community who needs money as much as you do. I need money too!! But you know what? I have no magic dust to create miracle for you, for me or for the nation. So please stop bugging me to expedite your stuff.

Why Doesn't Your Items Get Sold
Sometimes outlook / appearance do make alot of differences. To us human kind. And even to clothes that you are trying to flock off. Let's get real. For one to resell their items, it must surely meant :
-U got too much money and hence keep buying
-U simply grew fatter than what the clothes can contain
-U realised your distinguished taste is just so 'distinguished' that you can't bear to look at it
-U no longer want to wear it
And to make other buyers be keen, no one is going to notice your pretty dress when it is laid on a drape of Winnie the Pooh bedsheet - in which the surface of the bedsheet is bigger than your dress that your item looked like it almost sank in to a whirlwind of Winnie the Pooh

Sometimes there are items which I think, you know, I know, they know and almost everybody knows that just won't get sold. Items like worn out basic tees that you have been wearing for only 3 times to do house chores and have crumply edges. Maybe it may get sold, if you were to iron it or positioned it in a more appealing manner.

Why Is Your Item Not Up Yet
You see, it is a free platform and I am doing this for free just so :
- I can waste my time
- I want to write a thesis on compulsive shopping by gathering stats here
- I want to be the first to know the best bargains in the online arena
Yup, those could be some reasons.. that I can think of for now.
And when something is offered free, everyone is happy. You, me, they, them - happy. So everyone keep sending in their items. I can never be happier!! *..*
So from one email it piles up to 25-50 emails a day from shoppers who want to resell their items.
Some follows instructions and sent in the format and this makes it easier for me to do my work.
Some followed THEIR OWN instructions and makes me ponder what was the initial rules we have set up.
I wasted too much time pondering.

If Your Item is Not Up Within
-1 day / 3 days - and you keep sending me  emails to say that I have been biased towards you and your clothes and not posting it immediately despite you keep on refreshing your Iphone, Ipod, Ipad whatever, perhaps you seriously need money. Next time stop buying and start saving.

- 7 days (1 week) and yet you can see every other items in the whole wide world is posted but not yours, write to me and ask politely if something went wrong. And I will gently direct you to all of the above statement again in a nice manner too. But if you can't wait that long and is seriously angered and pissed as to why your crumpled item bought from Jusco (but you tell me it's from Room8008) laid on a Thundercats bedsheet is still not up, you will again be directed to all of the above statement

-4 weeks and still no news about your ever gorgeous item no one can find it in the universe! Then yes, do email me. But perhaps, always make it a habit to scroll your previous email and see if you put these description :
Bought from (URL) : I seriously cannot recall / Some kind of blogshop / My mum bought online for me
And it is your 25th time of repeating it, most probably I have automatically deleted your items after the 3rd warning email to ask you where is your URL. Funny and impossible, but yes, I do click on those funny URL that some sellers sometimes give. Just to check and make sure I know that 'A Funny Clown Boutique'  is a blogshop.

Why Are We So Kepoh If Your Item is Bought Online or Not
I would seriously direct you again to the banner and the initial mission of the site - to help online buyers to resell their online purchases. So yeah, the below listed reasons are not considered online purchases :
- I stole them
-My friend went holiday and saw some Topshop dress and bought me this and I cant fit :)
-I went to Justin Bieber concert and bought this awesome Adam Lambert original tee fro organiser
-Scarlet (a brand from Jaya Jusco)

Just because of the intended name of the site - Pasar Night, doesn't really mean you can trade every single item found under your bed. I would say be logical and be honest on your stuff.

As a former designer, I have always been taught - when you want to propose your design to customer, always ask yourself, would you dare to wear this thing that you have created?

I would suggest that you rephrase it from the point of a reseller : When you want to resell your preloved / no loved / stuff that have been filling up gaps behind your doors, ask yourself, would you buy it and wear it at its current condition?

Kthxbai and no items to resell today.

Padan muka.. xx

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