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Saturday, May 12, 2012


I have finally dedicated myself to almost finishing that small pot of Safi Balqis beauty cream after months. Not an easy task given the fact that I have a very short attention span. I didn't even manage to use up the SK2 Pitera essence, and the Nuskin range which I bought for couple of years back.

The scent of the Safi Balqis Beauty cream simply reminds me of the Hazeline Snow era.. Not sure if I have mentioned before but this is NOT anywhere resembling Hazeline Snow, which have a lighter texture and not as thick a putty as this beauty cream.. Till today I still am not sure what does the beauty cream is made of and what does it really do. I only based my knowledge of it based on the people whom I seen have used it before =P

Because I do not know in exact what it does, the RM6.90 cream have been functioning as a primer for my makeup. Used it after mosituriser and before BB cream. 

to the bottom of the pot already! <3

After Safi Balqis beauty cream and Missha BB cream
(this is before leaving home- at noon)

back home in the evening

The cream didn't really says what it does.. But I think after a prolong use, it does help to eliminate unevenness in skin tone.
circa 2011 and working in a shit-hole office

I got a better job and better pedo face =P
circa 2012

I have just bought a new pot. This time I wanted to try the Safi Rania GOLD version.
Don't like the smell of it from the first sniff.. Safi Balqis Perfect 10 have got a more natural, creamy floral scent.. like serai or sort when you open it at  first. The Rania one smells more like any other cosmetically bottled cream, though not as heavy. I supposed when you have enhanced formula yada yada, more chemicals go in and the traditionalism of a beauty cream will take a back seat.

priced at RM10.90 from Watson

don't really fancy the super sticky texture of Rania Gold. Does all gold feel sticky? >.<

As beauty cream naturally is like some cement paste with a thick texture and not easily glide on, the Rania Gold one is over sticky. Abit yucky but still tolerable. YOur hands feels sticky, your face feels sticky. What 
I do to eliminate the stickiness is to warm my palms by rubing it and do the *facepalm* =D

A more well behaved texture form Safi Balqis Perfect 10

Will give it sometime to try out the Rania GOLD for now and see if there's any differences. 

Gotten these bubbi brushes from Zeus Boutique for a review in YourShoppingKaki soon!
I have never gotten any 'canggih' brushes for makeup before due to stinginess >.<
But they say good brushes can last you a lifetime making you look flawless. let's hope it is!
In the mean time you can check it out in their Facebook album ---- BRUSHES

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