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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not Smarter than a Phone

For the past couple of weeks I have been diligently looking at smartphone reviews, extracting contents that I can use in the social media page that I am currently managing.
Smart phone, automotive and such is really not hitting any sense in my grey mass lying under that greasy scalp.
Boss said that my knowledge in phone is shallow! Doohhh!
For one who still uses a polyphonic ringtone phone, and believes that the advent of technology brings destruction to humankind, can't help it if I am not well versed with that thing that can make calls and surf the net-on-the-go!

Today I had to google new releases of phones for all brands known in Malaysia. Not that it pique my interest, but I just had to. Can't be feeding the wall of my page with pictures of kitty cats no more -_-

Thought I would share with you people on what are the boring stereotype smartphones that will be coming its way for year 2013.

-lots of buttons
-I don't know how it functions actually :/

- Rectangle, slim, flat
- Looks the same for each model
- Takes better picture than an iPhone
- Takes forever to complete a SMS with touch screen

- rectangle, flat and slim (just like any other phone!)
- as I have attended the launch and managed to have a feel of it, it feels like Note 2 in a different brand name :/
- supercalifragilistics high tech picture taking function that I failed to understand, nor do I care. Actually it's just focus and record mode. Or was it record and focus mode? Or was it something else?

- rectangle, slim and like an old piece of Nokia =)
- not like I know how different is an Android compared to Windows phone or IOS, but if they keep having those 'quiz-like' boxes to fill in with functions (I don't know what u call them!), no way would I know how to find the box that says 'SEND SMS'

Samsung oh Samsung
- rectangle, slim and plasticky
- as popular as any other ongoing Korean drama on TV, I guess people just want to be associated to those Kim Jong Kuk or whatever their name is
- any other thing about these phones? I don't know..

Sony Mobile
- I don't really know if Xperia is a series or the company is now a Sony Xperia, but i doubt the latter lor..
- rectangle, black and slim
- with names that I can't differentiate and takes little effort to even name it : Z, X, P , SP.....
- I must say the current Xperia Z Ultra seems like a superb must-have with the HD display and at 6.3mm thin at 212 grams..Waterproof some more. Though I don't know anyone who dive and take calls yet..

Which is your pick eh?

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