Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

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Monday, August 12, 2013


A couple of months before I have to go thru this whole wedding thingamagic
And only today have I made payment to get some wedding dresses in Taobao.
This whole preparation thing is so not my forte. Too much effort needed to go thru these!
Exactly about 5 more months and I will need to go thru this hassle of being draped in white lace and put on a weary smile to 50% of people I know and another 50% of people comprises of people I quaintly know that exist and my presence doesn't really bring much meaning to them.
Doesn't thrill me as I typed about it -_-

Work has been extremely fun! Despite my irregular sleepless night, waking up on my desk with a sweet in my mouth at the wee hours in the morning. Digital marketing ain't easy. Social media is fun yet painstakingly taking a toll in one's hip and happening lifestyle ;(
But I am still liking what I do now :)

Look! I iz smart dy! Can do a properly sized banner! =D

There is so much things going on which keeps me awake and alive! It is most probably the most idiotic thinking that I have but I love to be kept busy and with problems at all time! yes, I am a sucker for critical situations. Yet I also procrastinate alot... >.>

Work outing :/
Most probably not the kind of outing that I enjoy. I am an anti-social person, remember?

The fat club @Joanna's wedding bash in Klang ;)

LOL! Look at the colours!

Most probably the last YSK outing before Sha-Lene leave for good ;(

I have recently gotten my commision. Not like I have never gotten any commision before. But most of the time I leave a job before the commision to my RM12 million contracts are running fully. Yes, I appear like some salesperson who is not hard up for any extra cash -_-
It feels great to have the extra income from some effort you put in. Then again I always have the extra effort which allows me to get extra income each month..urgh.. my point is... It's always a happy occasion to see the income grows =P
Like those stories where you sow some seed and see it grows kinda theory..oh whatever shit.... I am still pretty happy now with my work and yoga and the daily rants in life =D

In a current incident, my current car broke down. Due to some mechanical things that I never understood despite some clarification by the mechanic. I still do not get what was the issue after paying RM800 and gotten my car back. All I know is that I cannot have a failed transport. Not when I do not even know how to change tires!

I walked an hour back home :(
You like my tan? -_-

Some of the biggest obstacles in life that no money can settle and the one that I can never go thru with ease is the pressure of having a failed vehicle and on-going headache. Yes, give me a bull and I may ride on it, but give me a headache and a failed vehicle, I turn soft and mellow and helpless ;(

While I can't do much with the headache besides trying to get more sleep and go buy a better contoured pillow (if I do go shop!), I gotten another commitment up to my nostril - another car.
Yes, 'another' as in an additional ones and not replacing my current ones.
As if there's so many family members that I can share my commitment with. To get rid of the current car is just too much of a hassle, of having to pay another hefty RM10k just to get rid of it >.<
I migh as well keep it and get another.
Just gotta work harder and stop spending on beauty junks.
or I could work harder so I can spend both on the car and beauty junks and clothes and more yoga sessions and........


  1. Dear Suetha, you are still a very beautiful indian dancer. Keep on keeping on.. :D

    1. awww... i shall keep procrastinating!! <3


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