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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Less than a 100 days

I think I have less than 100 days to prepare and nothing have been done.
Not even selecting pictures from these thumbnails!
And no, this is not a post, merely a bump up to make the blog alive abit :P


  1. Congratulations! I just went bridal shopping too~!! ^^ So less than 3 months meaning before CNY, hoho have to give ang pow so soon! LOL!

  2. awww!! thank u!!! and why do I feel like we are such great friends despite being online and not met before! LOL =D

  3. ^^ There is no accident! It's all meant to be!
    hey Cynthia, if you need any contacts for wedding stuff in Kuching, let me know ya!
    Other than that, just enjoy the process (which it's finally started to sink into me)! hahaha


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