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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry X'mas Post (without greetings)

Less than 2 weeks to the wedding day and I am a UK16 now.
Bagus!! Am totyally hopeless now on how do I deal with this.
No freaking idea what kinda shit have gone into me... :(

Aside from cutting off my Indian Classical dance session and having REGULAR lunches and latte, nothing really changes, but the expanding waistlline... Sigh, blaming this on old age :(
Don't think I want to go back to marathon running whihc is really dry and boring!

Attended Tracylyn's event in MMediviron with the MAIN INTENTION to check out the HCG treatment. At RM2200 for a 22 days treatment, it doesn't sound too pricey, but the thought of having to bring home sets of syringes and self inject daily is just not as easy to digest as it sound.
And those online review about HCG treatment didn't contribute much to how the injection works. hmmpphh

Little White Party in Mediviron UOA hosted by Tracylyn

The skills of a professional selfie artist - cannot see the real fat in an OOTD shot!

Went for a face analysis. Reminder to self - you are turning 35 in 2014, please do something about your skin before it sags to the floor! Been more than 6 months that I did not patronise any facial centre. Seriously, does every girl goes for facial? I always believe it's a luxury and somehow I feel that there must be those who cannot afford such a luxury and yet am still able to have good skin. No? Sigh.. it's hard to be a female!
Not even going to elaborate

Quinoa isn't my type of food :/

Protein much? 

One of the dress arrived. Yes! Because I am not mainstream liddat =D
No way am I going to invest RM3888 into a one-day dress and brag in Facebook and any other possible platform that I have a dress with 1200 pieces of Swarovski yada yada.
Ladies and gentleman, here's my 'multi-way' RM288 online purchased dress which I can re-wear after wedding simply by taking off the piece of bulky train! XD
Custom sized some more to fit a UK16 (not happy!)

Took me forever to finish up the wedding invites  as I have so much work at work that I don't want to come home and start cutting brown paper to do envelopes. Decided that I am not giving out most invites. Instead will just have it placed on the table for the guest to bring home and use as bookmarks.


Hello to KennySia's gf!! 
Thought I will give you a holla here so you can reply later on XD
How was your wedding preparation?? ;)

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