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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


What flowers do you like?
Yeah, flowers that you like receiving ;)

That was a good question that kept me in silence for a moment. A long moment.
I tried recalling very hard. What have I gotten thru out my entire life?
What am I most familiar with?
I love the word peony - but I can't tell you what is is. I just love peony. As a word.
The park full of tulip too sounds like the most typical scenario in most Asian love story. It's so typical that it has turn disgusting when it is quoted in almost every other love story aired in the  local TV channel..

I like sunflower. Most probably because it has such a big surface. And I am a sucker for value for money.

So I googled 'lavender' and found this picture here. I don't know which is the lavender-flower part except the colour that painted the wheat stalks, the trees and the wings of the girl are all in lavender. Not forgetting her tube top. 

I think I would want to get something of this shade. The next time when someone wants to get me a bouquet of anything.


  1. you want a lavender sunflower? or is it that i need coffee that i missed some point..

  2. trying to look for more value-for-money flowers with big surface and colors I like :D
    but u still lack of cofee la anneh...

  3. you're Pasar Night now? how many names you got la ??


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