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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A penny under the pillow

The agent told me the insurance premium  bought since 2008 hasnt been revised to current rates. After all people die faster. Medicine gets pricier. Hospitalisation is as luxuriously charged as a vacation in some resort.
The barely RM300 premium is now revised to RM500 plus. A figure that may not be able to feed a nation, but definitely a figure that commensurates with a month worth of wages for the lower income family.  
If I do agree to that premium which is not even deemed high based on the industry's rate, so she says, I will have a lifetime compensation of RM1.4 million, a compensated amount of RM80k if i cant work due to sickness and some other compensation shall i be sick and not dying.
With all the money I am about to invest, I wonder if I want to make it a value for money after all the invested sum, shall I go make sure I am going to be sick so I can fully utilise my hard earn saving to good use..
Life. Is never fair. Regardless if you die poor or rich, you still die. 6 feet underground.

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