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Thursday, October 20, 2011

So Randomly Blank

I am back..
From the rush of a financial year end and starting a new financial year
I am back
From closing some meagre sales and need to close more teeny weeny sales to make ends meet and stop nags session
And from a short oversea trade show 
The Facebook wall are full of shared pictures of smashed up babies, apes and such.
The local paper no longer worth buying as it is now all about political affinity and hoo-ha which almost leave me with no interest to flip.
As I sit in this corner of the room, hoping to start a blog content, it seems that nothing have happened. Nothing have changed. 
My hair keep falling and creating a carpet in the room. The same 30 bottles of some lotion and stuff on the vanity table. The same stack of clothes hung. The same amount of phone calls from clients asking for appointment and increasing complaints that their groins are compressed in their pants. The same shit.
The speaker from the laptop deteriorated quite a fair bit. Now lady Gaga and Marooon 5 sounds a bit like Mick Jagger - all jagged... So was Sade in her rendition of 'what's that song name?'
Yah... life is pretty much the same...

Annual sales reporting...

Vijayadasami this year was a little more proper for me. Well, not that I have celebrated any of it previously. But yeah, I reckon, if i have made up my mind to continue my Odissi class, I might as well do my best and excel and I don't know... perhaps perform? Make money out of it? Be famous? But whatever it is, I am still feeling empty... Why ah??

A humble Vijayadasami celebration for the the classical dancers ;)

I still have yet to have any interesting content to talk about... 
Oh!, I have gained 3 kilos for the past few weeks. Yah, I must admit the constant MacDonald while on the go is seriously not helping to curb the random eating habit..
But perhaps the additional 3 kilos could also be due the the fact that I have not been camwhoring for some time, which is a good workout =P

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