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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Melon-ie Affair

Carrie : Google it lar! Maybe they will show you how to..
Me     : That would so make me a loser to even have to google the no brainer of "How To Cut A Watermelon"!

And I just carried a damn heavy melon home from Carrefour. Darn heavy watermelon the plastic bag almost tore apart.
I must admit I am not much of a homemaker. And I don't have much choice but to say I SUCKS. =(
I just realise I do not know how to handle a melon.

There is a whole barrage of watermelons on display. The aunties we tapping. The uncles were lifting and juggling the melon to formulate something or I suspect it's the way to see if the melon is the right melon to buy..Some guys were smelling it and later proceed to tap. I walked across and stood in front of the melon bin.
Where do I start? Do I tap? What is the expected affect to resonate from my tapping? Do I try juggle it? I took one up.. Damn.. my shoulder bag too fell. It's heavy I almost tripped -__-
I wanted to get a melon. But which melon? The one with nice prints or the one with broken prints?
I dare not bend down and smell also. My top is too low. Anyway, not that I know what to expect from the smell.

Eventually I gotten a melon. A 5.64kgs watermelon. Coincidentally there was a fairly big melon with a price sticker stuck to it. Which means that someone would have chosen it earlier but have decided that no watermelon shall be included into the day's purchase. Which also means that it has been tapped and juggled and smelt. So it should be a safe melon to buy =D

Lugged the melon home along with another melon - the honey dew =D which smells great! The fragrant is so strong you don't need to stick your nose to it.
The 2 melons and my giant feet

Pretty big melon, I must say, as compared to my head

I tried to throw both melon into the fridge. Can't fit! No part of the fridge allows the melon to sit in it =(
I sat in front of the fridge for quite awhile, trying to dispose off some old mandarin oranges and stuff 3 days old rice in tupperware to the meat tray, stack the cans of drinks and push a lil' bit here and there. Still can't fit! So i tried the freezer instead. And that is the only place it fits. I wonder if it will get frozen till icy. And so the damn big melon was frozen for 2 hours. After which I took it out and attempted to cut open.
Damn, I just realised that, not only do I not have any skills to wash plate, stir a reasonable pot of mushroom soup, I do not know how do people start chopping down a melon -__-

red squared ring from Vintage Vanity

Blue crochet top - Times Square
Leopard Skirt - Cotton On

The fruits were my part of stuff to bring over to a friend's place for a small gathering / bbq session. But there is also a plot to set me up with a friend of theirs, a French guy =D
Sounds kinda weird, but never say NO to any nice gesture that people offer =D
Anyway, it was awkward. He is obviously too nervous and shy to do anything, let alone strike a conversation. 
He chose to cook and be left alone in the kitchen while the rest savour the home made guacamole and mayonnaise dipped with raw vege =D
But it was a great nite nevertheles, with a house full of French expats..
No, I did not manage to get a French guy eventually =(

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