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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Impression of JOY

And JOY eventually comes to an end of course..... the weather so hot.. Don't make me go house visiting on Chinese New Year please! -__-

Kimono top - Moiclosette
Thrifted necklace - Vintage Vanity
Loewe replica bag - One Day
Rug- Ikea =D

A rather speechless bimbo post. I am so sorry to myself. Being 31 and still bimbotic.. But that's the thing you see. If I don't dwelve into my miserable life, I will have nothing to say. Like NOW.

That New Year as Usual

Spent the entire hot afternoon in Ah Ma's place under the zink roof. Ah Ma is no longer here anyway. The rest of them are and it's like an annua routine that we go back eveyr first day of the chinese new year, eat the vegetarian dishes aunty cooked, despite having had lunch before arriving. Then I will just have to find a nook and take a book out and read in the basking hotness of this January heat and wait till the old folks are done with their annual gossips.

In the Lee family, all children are taught the reality of life. They are eductaed since young on the culutre of Chinese New Year by getting indulged in gambling. Yup, age is never a hindrance. They learnt the trade when they are a mere 5 years old. By 6 years old, they will be able to go full force independantly. And by the time they are 10 years old, they can afford to have their own dedicated table to GAMBLE. I am not so lucky. Till now, I have yet to understand the procedure required to buy a 4 digit lottery at the nearest Toto outlet. -__-
Their own table

How was your new year? sigh...
It's really hot. Is it me or the weather is really HOTTER than I am.. =D

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