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Sunday, February 7, 2010

According to Slim Shady..

Valentine is coming! Have you any plans? 
Darn, I have none but to accompany Ma to go house visiting.. =(
But I supposed it doesn't really matter. And I always know how to retort back when those aunties ask me : "Aiyoh, why aren't you married or attached yet?" -- " Cus your daughter also isn't married or attached yet, aunty."

Have you read The Star today about polyamary? Gosh.. how the world actually evolves. But that is going to be another post on another day. Today is a very good day to talk about idiots, jerks, guys =D

I do not deny I love dating. I enjoy the company of a guy. Especially a curteous guy. 
I always admire guy friends who also enjoys the company of a girl and know the right thing to do. To escort to the parking after a midnite show. To make sure your door is locked before you drive away. To make sure you eat something first before you enter the cinema. To always offer to pay (tho I can really pay my share, and even his share!)

Then there is also another spesies who needs accompaniment to fill in their time. They make you go out on a date watching midnite show, then says goodbye and leave you to walk to where ever you park your car. And he left for the comfort of his own car (most probably parked in some dodgy lane to avoid paying parking fees). Then they talk about who should pay for meal..Damn!! This is a real 'stim-cutter'

It has never been a problem for me to fork out some extra cash to buy a friend a treat. But when a guy starts to debate who should pay, why should I pay? Seriously?! I would prefer if he pretends to take the wallet out for the longest second pretending that he is offering to pay than to start discussing about WHO SHOULD PAY?

The last time I called a guy friend for help as my car broke down in the isolated petrol station with no taxi available and the call was discconected after 'I'm sorry, my buddies are waiting for me to go clubbing. U sort it first, will get back to you later' was the last time I have faith in the spesies with testicles..
OK, to be fair, he did sms back at 3am, after the club is closed to ask if I am home.. -__-

"No, dude, I got raped while walking home all the way via the highway. happy?..."

It is kinda sad when you thought that the other person is someone whom you can rely on decides place you under the bed sheet at times when you need them the most. Then it makes you ponder if you really have got no value in their eyes. 

I wouldn't claim that all of them are the same in behavioural. Some are really really nice men who respect women equally as much as they like their prized car. But somehow they are not destined to be yours =(

For a year and a half of succumbing to nonsense as such, an end need to come. For the sake of my hotness! 

Yes, I am the victim here.. of meeting not very pleasant episodes while dating.. *malu*

And today I got another accusation - that I am the cause of the day being ruined. Serious. I did nothing. I just wrote an e-mail to say adieu and express what is in the mind all the while I try my very best to suppress. I do not want to be a pet whom people remembers only when they have nothing to do. 

It is also claimed that I causes HEARTACHE AND HEADACHE. What about me? Those tear shedding episode on my own to endure on something that no one bother to know.. and ruins my makeups.. the soberism that I have to endure hopelessly while one... ahhh.. forget it...

I want to have an equally great life to match my hotness! I don't deserved to be treated like a second grade mango who will only come to mind when all the mangoes in India decides to turn sour.

Now I feel good. Like 5 months back. When I got  ditched. Because India have got some ripe mangoes that deserves more attention.

Hello people, I am back.. from depression / hell / moment of slavery or whatever u call it.


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