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Friday, February 26, 2010

Udang Di Sebalik Batu

Studs are the 'in' thing now. The rock chic look is the thing to make a trendy shopaholics. Somehow I always fail in this department. But I really like the rock chick look!! So i tried..
With a mat rempit keychain
Rempit key-chain used as epaulets =D  from Eff-Bombs

But my whole ensemble itself already looked like a tuition teacher! =( 
How to rock anyone off their chair?
Attempt failed
(Saya mengajar Bahasa Melayu)

So I got myself a pleather panel skirt (how un-rock can that be!?) and paired with a floral bustier top. I think I am almost goin into grunge rock dy!!
Almost, no?
Attempt failed. Obviously la..Somehow I think I can see the spirit of Hello Kitty haunting.. urghh

I am persistent. So and went and got myself this cool Star-Trek netted wedges in the attempt to have a quirkier me.
Cool wedges from OneDay

Along with the purchase I also bought a boyfriend shirt. Which later a staff told me; "Urrgh.. why is this top so loose? It's so not you lar..Not sexy-nye.." -__-
Not me meh?

It's a cool shirt with up-side down pockets =D But it didn't fit as much as I expected. Can't contain the beer belly =( 

And so I got the funky wedges, quirky shirt. All in the name of looking cool. Somehow I think the word slut fits more than rock.. why arh?
Oooh.. Besides, the wedges, the bf shirt.. I also bought a Vintage clutch =D
All from OneDay

Do I rock you enough?

I guess no...

But.... what do you think about this top? Would it make me a rock chick? To be worn with a black brassiere.. =P

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