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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tong Tong Chiangs

It's Chinese New Year NOW! NOW! No, I am not overjoyed. Just a mere 1 month and 14 days back we ushered the new year in accordance to the calendar, and now another new year celebration.. seriously, how do one express joy of ushering new year? Where do I set my resolution on? The calendar new year or the Chinese New Year? The office financial year ends in July..not sure if I can manage to achieve anything again this year.. sigh.. =(

But somehow I felt a tinge of positiveness that I will get lucky with spesies of the opposite sex. Nope, I did not target to hit on a man and get hitched =D if that is what you think my positiveness meant. What I meant by positiveness, it meant that hopefully I will have sane / normal / un-conditional men for date, and not idiots / stingy-rays / peanuts. I need a break from these! Which also answers the question by Princess C - " Why are you getting hotter nowaday?"
Me - " Due to numerous failed relationships"  =D  =D  =D

Went to One U with the policewoman and the radical psycho-based english lecturer and sinned.
The Sins
Cotton On Bodycon Panel Skirt - Leopard
FOS Weaved Back Top
Blay Peep-toe Heels
Books for the sane mind bought a day before =D

I really have been buying a lot of stuff. I think this ONLINE bug is really catching up in my mind. And over a period of 5 months perhaps, I have gotten to know so many nice people online, not for dating purposes please! But Shopaholics! Who also have got me addicted =( 

see? busy bargaining and selecting - Bizarre Bazaar 

Sha-Lene - grandmistress of shopping directory - YourShoppingKaki

And so, I am enthralled into the joy and driv to click and do the maybank transfer almost on weekly basis to get stuff which I most probably won't wear. But I do notice something - I AM HOT!  hahahahah

nautica stripes from Strawberries Bite

thrifted maxi from unforgotten site
it's like new ok!
and of course my ever lovely Leopardy Bag from VintagePod

multi-purpose wrap cloth from Blook

haha! so not me!
Fra-La-La thrifted tie-dye dress from Jessabella Plus Size

This is an idylic post of not much significant content. I am feeling very hot (not steam), the firecrackers keep cracking, the tv is playing tacky tong-tong-chiangs that Ma likes and I despise, and I can't sleep. Tomorrow there will be a lot of house visiting from morning till midnite and I already felt the tiredness  and fake smiles that I have to endure. Seriously, I do not like Chinese New Year =(   Sorry
Happy Chinese New Year!
 from Me, my Leopardy Bag, my Yippi Yaya Top and my newly colored hair 

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