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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Want to Eat Mandarin orange?

my ass got printed in leopard prints =D

My first one - from Cotton On

Now I know why the college girls are making a hoo-haa of these. Just like when I was 18, and the rest of us were crazy about items from Esprit, Padini or even Giordano. And Green Day and those alternative bands.  =D  When I was told before this that Cotton On is some affordable Australian brand, I told myself I must go and get something! Anything will do, so I can proclaim I know the hottest brand around town. But. But. It's just another Giordano wannabe. With more of the latest college girls' fad like 2 toned dresses, floral dresses, bodycon panel skirts and ala priced below RM50. 
And while I was browing, there are girls who is already wearing Cotton On skirts, and are in the queue to buy more!  Which is not something I dare to do. Don't fancy having a photocopy of something and go back to the same location only to be identified that I have the same stuff on the shelf and I am buying more cus it's RM49 for one but buy another one and its half the price (damn! Now everyone knows I am a cheapo)

Weaved top - F.O.S
Leopard skirt - Cotton On

I figured I've been using my blog site as a medium to complain and rant about my miserable life. Not very good if I want to be considered as potential to write ads and be turned into someone to watch out for in 2010 or something like that. I reckon it's time again for a 'renovation' and leave the misery to those who threw it to me.
Takkan kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Tadah je setitik tu dan susu boleh di minum dah :D

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