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Monday, February 1, 2010

Chic Pop-pin

I'm a virgin to Chic Pop =D The last time I mentioned to boss I am going to a bazaar, she was squinting her eyes and gave me a HUH? and goes "Oh, so you are buying fruits in that Mon't Kiara Flea Market?" Yeah, that's what the corporate adults always think of. In fact, thats what I used to think too =D

TTDI Plaza

Jenny with her purchase in the bag |  Shangari - yet to purchase | Sha-Lene - not purchasing anything =D

Shangari with her mad purchase from The Shoplifters! RM5 for a quirky cheongsam - most probably would have been worn by some dead gothic student in Japan 5 years back. But still, IT'S RM5! Mati pun mati la!

I did came across 2 pieces of funky jacket from the same rack selling for RM25 (like what the owner of Shoplifter is wearing) But oh well, age is catching. And I got no motorbike license to boast the jacket on a bike.

I am a biased person, yes =D. And because I bought from DirtyPrettyThings, so I will flood the pictures of her items =P

Things that I won't wear, but you may wear 

preloved  floral bustier from DirtyPrettyThings

a romper? jumper? from DirtyPrettyThings

I didn't know this is a romper/ jumper till I got back into my car and found that it's stitched at the bottom. I thought it is a dress. But NO! Which means if I am in dire need to pee, I have to time my speed to unlace the back  strap, pull down the sleeve strap, take off the sleeve from my hand, pull everything down to hips and then only can I proceed to perform my business in the loo =( Another alternative will be too wear no undies and pass out from like what the boys are doing, I guess =D
Nevertheless, I'll still keep it for the sake of 'Been There, Bought That, What's Next' moto in life =P

Woman with earring long top - Eff-Bombs
I have been eye-ing for this top when it was RM35 till it dropped to RM15. Phew.. Lucky thing not many people have the good taste that I possess in dressing =P
(reminder to self - never to wear when going for major drinking session. The woman's face may appear bloated simultaneously when I am  pregnant with Heineken, Johnny and Jack)

I went to the bazaar with these
My fave Yipi Yaya Excess Baggage FlareTop - Lah Lah Land
My Leopardy Bag from Vintage Pod

In any case you suspect I am some kinda dumb bitch with a lopsided head, I am NOT. It's the theory of reflection that I am trying to conceal there. I have to nudge and bend every / certain part of the body to stop the afternoon sun  ray from giving glare like having flashes... yada yada... it's a complicated theory when dealing with Tesco camera.

Rena and her One-Tiang-Hang-All Collection

I didn't realise also that Nakalicious is having 50% clearance till I got home and saw the pictures I took -_-
I have this 'tidak-apa-cincai-boncai' attitude when snapping pictures :)  And that bag from Survival Store is less than RM60! 

This bag is so big. To compare I have Reena's head in front. I think you can put 3 heads in it =D
That's the thing with hip and happening bazaars - the crowd just won't budge. It's always with people walking here and there and hard to get a good snap. But hey, nevertheless I helped you you in determing the size of the bag =D
bag by Lah Lah Land (i think)

I bought a pair too =D

It's so difficult to get this kinda maxi nowadays, but it's RM100 or so. Oh well..maybe I should start sewing.

bags for teeny boopers

Overall, it's a great bazaar to go, though I wish I can drive around in my car, with air cond on and stopped when I see something interesting. Yeah, the weather is hot, my BB cream is melting and bras too are damp =D

Back to work! Have a good day at work! =D

kerja-kerja tak siap

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