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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fallen Hair

This is a very very busy year!!! Until my hair too fell off out of frustration and stress. I have also not been going for Odissi class anymore since last November 2009. Can't believe it that there is actually a possibility of creating politics in a dance class!! So drama! I am hoping all these will not dampen my spirit to pursue my keen interest in doing Indian classical dance. Yes, after all the cat-figts I am still keen. I know I can be good at it if i persist on =D

The stressed up hair that withers on the Ikea table =(

Yes, somehow I am back to doing design again. Which is really stressful. It's like getting involved in a relationship sometimes. You have to nurture it. You have to really put your heart into it Feeling it. Getting inspired and start giving LOVE! In the design aspect, you gotta start churning good designs of course. Argh, I always ended up in scandals - in the design aspect of course =P and it's called getting copied inspired by other's design =D What to do.. I've got a dateline to meet!

I would like to further blog about how shitty suppliers freak the shit and puss out of me and how I would like to burn their factories and set them ablaze too.. but I suppose blogging and not doing it in reality will not really make an impact. Neither will it solve the case of not getting my mock up done in time. Sigh...I wish I had better things to talk about like how to make a hair bun like Cheesie

Anyway, I am scavenging my boxes of newly bought stuff and already planning on what to wear for Chic Pop! =D  I don't personally know why am I feeling so delirious about it. After all, it's not like I will be attending the Grammy Awards and sitting next to ( i can't even name any artiste!) and getting smooched by (again, I can't even name any artiste!)

Yippi Yaya Excess Baggage Top from Lah Lah Land
Tie Dye Leggings from Vintage Japan

Preloved Atmosphere dress fron Vintage Vanity
so is the quirky necklace! =D

Rocker skull top from Vintage Vanity

Vintage Vanity have got loads of stuff for hot fatties and accesorie-nista =D
Hop over and see if anything catched your eyes.

And as usual, I can't stand my hair getting longer. I got my short fringe back! =D

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