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Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Gosh, I missed the attention from guest blogging in YSK. And I don't even see her online nowadays.
Sha-lene!!! Where are you!!!

I was planning to post about how I shed tears during my drive back home. Yeah, I cried. I hate the torment of being stuck in jam on the way home. It's a dilemma everyday. If I failed to manage my time, I will most probably end up parking alone the road to 'the place where I stay'. It's really a dilemma everyday which leads me to crying. Because I am tired of driving to appointment. and after work I again have to drive and get stuck. So I cried. Because while getting stuck, I have a curfew to reach home before 9pm. Because after that, i will have to park somewhere along the road and walk and risk Jinjang fella attempting to scratch / mutate / steal my car.
Anyway....I shall save it for another session when I cried and survived to make another post.

Chic Pop - 30th January 2010

Threadzoo Bazaar Vol 01 - 6th to 7th February 2010

Lelong Lelong Marketplace No. 3 - 16th - 17th January 2010

Not too sure what's with me, but I seemed to get pretty excited knowing there will be bazaars that I can poke my head into! =D
Yeah, so I am most probably trying to go to at least one if not all =D
See you there! Say Hi to me if you do bump into me =D

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