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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Point Is

Second day into work and some old fark made a missed call only to expect me to call back.
Arse : Harlow! Where are u?
-_-   : work..
Arse: Orhh!..Working la?
-_-  : yah...
Arse: Erm... no la, just call to see how are u and everything..
-_-  : ok..
Arse: U know ah.. recently I made a sales again! I am the top sales! I did not want to brag to anyone but I am the top sales person in my company. I didnt mean to call but I am the top salesperson who made the higherst sales. I got some product training and I made a sales recently worth a thousand oover ringgit. I am the only top sales.
-_-  : ok..
Arse: It is not like I want to brag, but I am the top of all the people in my present company now.
-_-  : ok..
Arse: well, ok la, i just thought of calling only. bye bye..
-_-  : ok...

no, I do not know what is the point till now..
maybe it is a calling that I am no good in what I do and that I should jump off from the window behind my desk?


  1. clearly that particular person want to brag.

  2. knock..knock..u shud have uppercut that arse dude...


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