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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Jitters

black top - RM19.90 (Next Shop-Mid Valley) | Fake batik printed skirt - RM29 (Tyra Mei-Amcorp) | Jane Birkin Bag in brown - RM45 ( | marketing folder - company's =D

Ahhaha... most probably I have nothing to shout about my attire to work.. cus it's so not adaptable to a lot of people. Who never seem to get the reason behind me wearing it as such =D Anyway...

Did I tell you I have developed a weak heart since the end of year 2009? I felt like collapsing at the very moment of visualising and made into realisation that I haven't been making big figures on my work portfolio for the recent years. Maybe I shouldn't even talk about this and ruin my online portfolio as a salesperson who do not do well in THIS particular industry =(

I was clearing some old junks and piles of documents which I still keep when I started my selling-hood till now. Yes, I have got myself a Self Sales Executive job way back post 2005/2006 and later an Assistant Sales Manager. Seriously I think th eposition of an Assistant Sales Manager is redundant, as it still requires one to sell and co-ordinate and preach at the rest of the sales people while the Sales Manager... manages?. I was then a Business Development Executive in another company which left me traumatised with a pungent office environment. The organisation is there, at the same office, with the same staff 15 years back. The cleaner lady, the chairs, the manager, the tables, and everything is stagnantly there since 10 years back! So you can imagine the pungent smell of old chairs, old paper boxes, old people... -__-
But I do have some very good figures which left me the freedom to yell at the person who hires me =P

Yeah, I keep track of the big big figures I bring in =)

And now I am in such a homey office, with proper pantry, proper people (hmm), proper seatings, gorgeous showroom, superb discussion area, but depressing sales dysfunction -__-

Gorgeous discussion area. Visit me!

Gorgeous seatings!

pretty long wait daily to meet prospects.. super uber-sien

waiting in where ever place imaginable. Where do you think this is?

It's the jitter again. To get back to work on Monday with no decent appointments.
Need to send out quotes.
Need to send out proposals.
need to meet more prospects.
Need to lie down..
My heart is weak again...


  1. Am curious/ wondering what fake batik print is... have heard of hand drawn print, chop print, screen print, digital print etc but not fake print.

  2. screen print and digital print are fabric printing technique and it does not produces batik material :)
    if you read the definition of batik (....traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique..) which is not applied in the digital print and screen print.
    batik is merely a process and not a type of distinguihed print. Indonesians are known for their distinctive motif of the garuda bird, cockerel and parang (part of their culture). Malaysia are more prone to doing floral related items and have lots of bright colors. The Afrikaans too have batik and they do the tie-dye technique. And all these process uses one way or another a resist techniques. And this technique is loosely defined as batik. So, when u are handed with a piece of cloth with some very distnct prints like that resembling the Indonesian batik,but is made via silk screen or digital print, it is not considered batik :)


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