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Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Post

I missed the joy to camwhore 'kau-kau' and do product review. There seems to be too much to handle lately, both work and life. With the Bah-Bee Gang - a group set up by some friends t plan for food outings, with events, with yoga and in-between bazaars and catching up with friends. And running errands!!!! Yeaks!
 I am practically left with this much time ( ----) for myself. And it's not doing good, because I have again started to doze off while driving -__- There was once that I even managed to dream fighting with a customer to get payment O.o

Anyway, keep reading YourShoppingKaki for more upcoming review! I am excited with my current products to review and am slowly trying to get one review up a week :)

LUS V-Line and S-Line - Sponsored by Supermodels Secrets

SANA Face Slimming Gel. Yeah! I need this much! Sponsored by Supermodels Secrets

Seamless kawaii bangs - Sponsored by Supermodels Secrets

Gorgeous hair extension - Sponsored by Melody Love Fashion

Playful Lingerie - Sponsored by Sexy Saucy Spicy ( i am not sure how to even review this yet!)

On a random note, I am pondering hard if I should get this sheer mesh loose top? Oooh so airy and so me!! But I wonder how many people would hate seeing me always in semi sheer apparels =D

Wei Ni of Peep is getting more and more creative with ehr fabulous product shots nowadays! And don't you love those Nicki Minaj white wig?  =D  :<3 <3 <3

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