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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Case of Being Insensitive

Girl : Sigh, can I know how much is the price of a car battery? I gotta change it and the mechanic is charging me a whooping RM400. I didn't know it cost that much.

Boy : Wah! U got cheated leh!! Normally RM180 can get already. U go to this zombie-fied place in Ulu Whatever in some God-Freaking High Traffic place. They sell the batteries at RM150 also yada yada...

And he soon went offline

Boy : Hello. How are you.
Girl : Good. :)

3 days after

Boy : Hello. how are you.
Girl : Hi. I'm good..

3 weeks later

Boy : Hello. How are you?
Girl : Hi. Good? Erm, ya what is it you need?
Boy : Huh? I am just saying hi..  :(
Girl : Uh.. ok. HI. Is that all you can say? After 3 weeks of missing?
Boy : I was busy and was out of town.
Girl : *yah.. for 3 weeks with a Blackberry and a backpack of laptop and P1 modem?*
Boy : How's your blog?
Girl : Well, a blog is to be read, not to be asked of it's health condition. But if you must know,  the blog is still a blog. Doing OK :)
Boy : Why are you doing this to me? I am just trying to make a conversation.
Girl : Well, instead of trying to make a conversation with redundant question, why don't you try ' Hi, read your  blog. Wow, interesting story this time and nice pictures!'
Boy : I don't understand why are you doing this to me every time i try to be nice.
Girl : I don't understand why aren't there anything else you can say besides Hi, how are you, how's your blog. It's a blog!! It's ot even a dog for heaven sake. Aren't you in front of the pc? Dammit, go to the blog and see for yourself!! Why ask me!  But oh well, since you insist to ask and it's a very nice gesture of you, ok, let me answer u..
Girl : My blog is fantastic. I have just blogged about different ways I can use to commit suicide.
Boy : Huh? Why u write that?
Girl : -_____-    Goodbye.. I need to think of better ways to die now..And I think i wrote that because I am thinking of ways to commit suicide??

Being a friend, a special friend or simply a new acquaintance, this is seriously a case of you guys being so insensitive, that nothing can be done to cure this disease of not being aware of your surrounding and your role as a person with an armour in your pants...

If you have a uni mate who happen to behave like this, bang a book on his head and make sure his spectacles drop.
If you have a casual friend who behaves like this, attempt to make him buy you  food every time you meet up, say Bye and leave.
If you have a boyfriend like this, I am could have been voodo-ed  =D

I have a very good college mate who helped me get this settled :)
What are friends for! <3
hmm.. did he scribbled 'fat ass' on the battery?

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