Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I've been ooozing with the need to type, type, type of late. It's like I need to do a lot of things to get myself busy. not to say I am not busy, because work was like hell busy, but I felt like I need to do more to feed the soul after the weeping scenario ;)

And I have V-tjen to thank for making me her guinea pig for her Uni assignment in creating an Audience Dossier thing (which I have no idea what is it till now). But I got this from her ;)

Ahhh, if only this is real and is part of the feature in The Star =P
Nevertheless, love it much despite just being an assignment! <3

Miss Pung is back on the blogging mode and thinks that I should follow suit to talk about - I Am That Girl.
Yes, that particular girl whom you know very well and have grown accustomed to since the day you know how to nibble on your own fingers while drooling.

I am that girl who have ego 12 times the size of the bra cup, simply because I sometimes think I am better than you.
I am also the girl who always lost in the battle of perfection at work, in relationship, in life, because I think too much
I am that girl who vow not to pay my credit card debts in full.. because I am still hoping that the world will end soon.
I am that girl whom you think you have known and can grow find of. Till the day when I no longer want to be with you. Simply because my benchmark grew..
I am that girl who can talk if initiated, makes faces if need to, but not sing, even if provoked.
I am that girl who have so much hate in mind, because I could have chosen a wrong path..
But I am also that girl who will walk on the same path despite a wrong one, as long as I can withstand
Because I know the path doesnt' just belong to me..
I am that girl who learn to let go, let pass and let off
If I felt that you feel is best to let go, let off, let past..
I am that girl with short attention span, long constant nag..
I can't help it, I am fickle, undecisive hence insecure
I am that girl who may bring you joy, tho most time it will be misery, if you make me felt like shit...
I am that girl, who loves her friends first, then job.. and the rest follow
I am that girl, who needs only self declaration that I AM HOT. What you think doesn't matter. Because you are just envious. That you are not that girl =P
I am that girl who need more than attention. Yes, I need to be fed. With emotion, love and food..
I am that girl who have no shame to tell you my boobs are flat, my feet smells and there is a dead lizard under the sheet. I couldn't care less of what you think. Unless you are the Prince of Zibai-land who will marry me off, throw me daisies on the floor and feed me a daily serving of mojito..
It is also obvious that I am that girl who have no qualms to tell you that you in Crocs make you look like a defnite shit-arse, that I am too good for you and that you are of no good for anything
I am that girl who cannot stand the sight of not being able to be in control
But I am also that girl who cant control the emotion when I see elderly  having to serve the balance of their life staring at the sky, waiting for the public transport, to go to the city, to try and still earn a living.. I felt like shit :(
I am also that girl who is blessed to have great friends, great boss though sometimes...lazy staff, control-freak freinds comes into the scene.
But whatever it is.. I am that girl - who never fail to hope for a better tomorrow despite failure after failure. 
Simply because I am just a girl who wants to have fun. I think O.o

I am that girl who can sleep on it, only to wake up in sorrow and life still goes on

Yes, I hope so too ;)
And soon, I will sing. When I know how to make some acoustic sounds..

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