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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Am A Phailed Manager

Yes, I think I am.
Those people couldn't stop facebooking during office hour and I am seriously considering blocking the application.
I do not know how else do I handle slugs who refused to budge from the sinking cushion of the office chair. And keep Facebooking. I think I am beginning to hate Facebook.
I do not know how to to make people understand that they need to make sales and not make friends online with no return of investment.
I do not know how else to look eye to eye with those who just do not get why do I seldom talk about work and nothing else when I am in the office. Because I need sales.
I cannot concentrate talking to slugs while trying not to think how else and where else do I get my sales.
I am a sinking manager. I need sales. I need to manage. And I think I need a breather or so.
I think I will bring some liquour to work and drench myself with a cup of Milo mixed with Vodka.

Where do I start?
Where do I rectify myself from?
I need sales.
I need to get the jackets done.
I need to study the god damn measurement..
I need sales
I need to think of ways to pacify slugs in hope they can get their own sales.
I need sales myself too.
I need to think of ways to draft contracts so that no one else benefits but us.
I need to plan what to sell, what to bring, what to display..
And I desperately need sales.
Oh wait... I got sales,
But I need more sales
And I need to manage only ONE slug
But I failed..

and Now..
Here I am sitting here
In this dirty room with a thousand strands of my hair
And utility bills stacked under the leg rest of  my chair
And 8 more items pending review in YourShoppingKaki
Another 159 emails to post items in Pasar Night
With dirty linen hung on the old chair where I laid my ass
I am writing a Handbook of  Managing Retail Services and measuring KPI

It felt good to have to shed some tears
In this dirty room
While d riving
In the office washroom
But I realised...
Things are the same once crying is complete..
I still need sales
Slugs are still as heavy as they are
And I still need to deal with life..
And no money in pocket...

As positive as I try to be..
Kill me the moment you have the time ..
Because I am a phailed manager...

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