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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inequality in My Eye

And this is how I felt about the world.
Not realising that we are indeed very lucky to be able to get something without much consideration, there are just people out there who simply cannot afford those little pleasures in life.

I really do not like these kind of moments. Where the reality of life stuck me and hit me on the head but I think once in a while we need the reality check to ground us back into being humble and not over the board with our hectic lifestyle of always pursuing more than what have been offered to us..

And with a single chant of Namaste, I hope tomorrow would be a better day to us all. The lorry driver, the clerk, the petrol attendant, the managing director and to everyone...


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  1. why..very true. Life's never fair, we are all born to different priviledges, and sometimes it's funny to think that happiness actually do come in many many form but we are always looking at the other kind of happiness we do not have and forgetting about the happiness that we had in hand.

    but I try not to think to much because a 70cent bun might make the man as happy as the RM7 burger is to us.


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