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Friday, May 13, 2011


Namaste allows two individuals to come together energetically to a place of connection & timelessness, free from d bonds of ego-connection. If it is done with deep feeling in the heart and with d mind surrendered, a deep union of spirits can blossom. 
Namaste to All from me … placing hands together at d heart chakra, close d eyes, & bow the head.

Never did I know the beauty of the gesture that we have to perform before and after our yoga session. The bow (Nama) and Namaste as a whole means I Bow to You, symbolises humility and respects. The thumbs pressed and locked to the chest which is the chakra of the soul symbolises a one's desire to let go off their ego.

Saying Namaste in the proper gesture is basically to acknowledge and accepting the other person, without any ego or grudge for what they are.

And today I learn the power of Namaste. Hate mails and angry statement hurled over my head have very little effect on my nerve. Yes! It did not get into my nerve. Unless before, where I will be boiling in rage and waging war with words, seeing or hearing these angry 1200dB statement just did nothing to alter my mood. 

I have also began to see that one becomes angry because of them self. Their inability to adhere and adjust to 
their surrounding. It isn't really anybody's fault.

Have you ever felt angry when you reach the bank and the queue was extremely long? You become restless and murmur words of anger. It isn't the fault of the 30 people in front of you. It's your own fault for failing to acknowledge that if you want to avoid waiting, you need to be there early and beat the queue.

Have you ever felt angry just because you felt that the character / behaviour of the girl next door agitates you and that you hate looking at her face for no particular reason except that she may have complexion better than yours? It isn't her fault. It is really you who is not able to accept the flaw in you and the perfection in others and you pick  a target to be angry at. Yes, any target but yourself.

Because you think you are god. And you refused to accept that sometimes there are people better than you. You eventually get trapped in your own complexity and you refused to accept any shortfalls. From yourself or from others. For instance, a blind man takes forever to cross the road and hold you back from driving further. And so you may not blame him, but you blame the passerby who did not help him cross the road. Or you blae the government for not building pavement for these people who will not block your way. OK, maybe this is not a very good example. 
What about you blaming your hair dresser for not doing a good job? Despite you paying peanuts or your hair itself is already in the wheatgrass mode.

I was once almost falling into that trap. No staff can make me happy. I complain when they walk so slow. I complain when the lines drawn are not neat. I complain when they take long naps. Basically I thought I am god with a capital GOD.

My perspective have changed. Perhaps due to the fact that I am now mixing with people of very positive vibes. And not homo-GOD :) Or perhaps I have just realised life is such a great experience to live for and not to be wasted on thinking hard of the worst name calling one can come up with. Instead, enjoy the company of those who remembers your presence.

Being angry is such a tiring process and totally low in Return of Investment. Do you know what a waste it will be when you keep boiling with rage and call names when the other end is happily laughing out loud enjoying a series of Mr Bean. That's what they call in Malay - 'menyalak ke arah langit' . And end up having sleepless night trying to strategise plans according to the Sun Tzu Art of War in order to wage more verbal war which again increases blood pressure and still no ROI...

Now, I accept each of the individual I have to deal with no grudges and expectation ;)  Regardless of skills, mentality, personal character and defects. We may not be on good terms with every beings in the world, but each one have their own lives and it's really up to them to dictate if they want to be a prostitute, a bugger, Prime Minister, loser or beauty pageant. Whatever and whoever they are, we only wish them the best for any path taken, and bring ourself to sleep with no dreams of having to kill anyone in silence or in public ;)


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  1. That one word changed your whole perspective of life. I am so proud of you my dear Suetha!!Never forget the teacher who taught u this, Vasugi!! Have a GREAT LIFE!! Unconditional Love is the only thing that makes one live life to the fullest...we all need to learn how to give that!!


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