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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Am I Complicated?

The past couple of weeks have been insanely full of activities. Work basically.
Pasar Night too is taking too much of my time with heaps of post to bump up. This month prediction as per what I read in Lilian Too's forecast of the month wasn't that promising, hence my chicken-feet instinct prompt me to work harder than usual to make ends meet. I really am hoping that all things shall go well, and all proposal gets approved. I desperately need to make it before fire comes down my neck again.
Oh yes, it ain't easy. Ain't easy at all to be in this crate of work. The amount of stress re-gurgitating within your mind, body and soul can sometimes kill. As at now, I suspect the amount of stress have converted itself into lards stored in my body. A freaking 70kgs I am :)  Thank you very much. Call me fat, but still HOT!

This is the second month of yoga which I find didn't really did much in relaxing, destressing or soothing out my mind of thoughts. I can't blame the yoga session. Maybe it's just me. And the amount of bewildered thoughs in me have been contained in my rusty mind for so long i doubt a 2 month yoga stint would even do any miracle. But of course, I do look forward to it, because that is most probably the only ME activity that I could do each week. And the fact that I can't wait to see how much I can flex my organs =D

It has also been awhile since I let my creative juice flow. I have literally, practically, realistically stopped designing, drawing, sketching. If scribbling phone numbers on the note pad cold be counted as creative doodle, perhaps that's the only artsy thing I have done of late.

I can draw wei!!

I also found some scan copy of design concept for a show (MOFEW to be exact) which I conceptualised for a friend but didn't take on. Nay, design isn't what I loathe doing. Merely a vent of creative juice when minds are empty. But it is indeed a therapy at times when one really need a break from the hectic figurative reporting.

But most of the people who draw seldom make a lot of money. They keep drawing and drawing and still do not make a lot of money.  I can't think of anyone who drew and made a lot of money and ca afford to stop drawing. But of course, there are people who draw and draw and have gallery exhibitions. Which again, I don't know if they make any money. Because most of them do not charge entrance fees. So, do they actually make any money? I don't know...

By now you would have realised my blog actually doesn't have much content. It is all baseless statement based on my lingering mind.. 
I guess I am tired from trying to be normal.
Yesterday, I just realised I am not as normal. I am actually rather complicated that I am unable to justify how normal am I, as it just doesn't seem like a normal character for me to react in a manner which I reacted anyway. Perhaps, it isn't the complication of character in me. 
Perhaps, it's clouds of ego that surrounds me that I find it very hard to break.
years of cementing alot of thoughts have really complexify me ;( 
I need to break free..

Yoga on heels ain't the solution to break free. See I told ya I'm not normal!!

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