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Saturday, October 17, 2009


cus it's Deepavali and boobies are needed to ensure a nice sillhoutte when wearing saree blouse... bah...
Been a while, been so long since I ever wanted to drop anything in here.. Yah, i found a new hobby to dispose all my time on :)

The only time i ever wanted to drop in a post is when i am utterly frustrated, stressed and feeling like wanting to commit suicide. No good. No good. I guess it's time I opt for a re-vamp of content and make this an educational blog to talk about what I do and the greatness in what I do. Instead of what I hate, what I cant stand, what I REALLY hate, who I hope dead. But if i were to continue that rambles in anger, I only have so much to talk about.. -__- like everyone that is hated will just end up being dead.. and nothing further to elaborate.

And so yeah.. I am now in trangression ( does the word exist?) to talk about something else. But don't think it's wise to talk about myself cus I don't really have anything to boast about. The only thing I look forward to is hoping one day I will have enough of a boob to showcase to the world!! without having to appear with a bra cup bigger than the boob. But I know at THIS age, and growing would have been put on a halt. FULL CUP STOP.

No way would it be able to grow anymore to the desired shape and size which would allow me to wear a plunging maxi without a bra bigger than the boobs.. =(
At this age, the only thing that may have quite high possibility to grow on your boobs would most probably be those stubbles of toxins. Which can easily stress the poop out of every woman. U know.. those things.. with an array of terms u can call it - tumor, stones, cancerous cell, piece of malignant cell or whatever to your liking.
By the way, refraining from sex won't stop you by having breast cancer. So u can still enjoy that work out on bed =)  I guess it's just a case of random hits and maybe genetics too. If it's a random hit, maybe God loved you more =)  if it's genetic .. then I guess besides the constant sms to God faith in your religion that help to build a firm you, a healthy lifestyle too helps.

And that regular check-up for women is not THAT expensive to make it a yearly 'to-do' thing. Otherwise, get a pamphlet from the friendly neighbourhood clinic on self inspection and do it in the comfort of your own room. Before shower or before that session of tantric sex with your partner =P
Unfortunately the society is a bunch of lallang who thinks it's embarassing to go for essentials like pap-smear or breast check-up. The doctors won't lose a penny not doin the check-up for you. The nurse too won't lose her salary not seeing your boobs. But you may lose a boob.. or two if u think it's embarassing and prefer to brush off the issues by saying u have a set of healthy boobs without proper inspection.. So, who is at the losing end? U lor..

I want to have the boobies at the bottom left - the brown boobs with red nipple.. what's your flava?

And so that is my musing for the day.. about boobs- which I like but don't have that much to show off in real life... I hope to at least win a pursehook from with my humble lil ramblings? (Gosh I am soo humble.. i only need a pursehook!! =D)

 i would like to end my post with an image of a boob, but then I think it will be deemed a lewd post =S  so no boobsie picture !!  =P

(any statement made, shall anyone find to be harsh, is not mean as a form of insult. The writer is a firm believer that one must always look at things in and out, good and bad, positively and negatively and be able to accept that this is just how the world operates.. not always to your favour, but there is still hope for all)

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