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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh Well..

U should have guessed it wayyyy earlier that no way Beyonce is gonna dominate the stage by adhering to the modesty act that would require her to dress like this rite??

Miss Beyuncit Kenut

Oh well miss Knowles, so sorry for all the inconveniences. It's really not meant to undermine your bold and daring act which some deemed inapproriate. Somehow the slightest display of your hot thigh is a catalyst to all the rape cases that may occur after your hot show. You do know, we are a bunch of modest hobbits that can never accept out -of -modesty- acts rite? We still think that it ain't proper to physically put u on the stage and jiggle ur hot thigh. Though it can be deemed proper for us to have wet dreams about u. And ur thigh of course.
We look forward to your coming in future. Maybe u can please all by coming like this :

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