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Thursday, October 1, 2009

That Hungry Tremor

Not writing very often is no good. Increases blood pressure. Because when I am inspired to write, adrenaline pumps in... I have had a few blood rush to write recently..

I was awakened by the fact that I bring shame to girl when I realises I do not comb my hair daily! I do not even have a proper comb, only a flat comb which is a free gift from Revlon many years ago.
For a few days this have been lingering in my mind.. and I wanted to make a list of 10 things why i am ... erm... special ?

Then I wanted to write about some unforgotten inspiration, aspiration, ambitions... but then life after work is sooo short.. I barely have enough time to get the hair dry..

Then I tot maybe I should put in words on my ONE and only football match I've been to.. the recent visit of Man Utd to Malaysia.. which doesn't seem important anymore. now..

Then I thought I wanted to write about gender equality as I read some mind provoking articles in the paper.. but i got too sleepy..

I have such dull, sunken life.. hor??

Then just 2 days back... I felt the tremor too at 6.20pm.. was typing and staring at the pc in office.. and i felt the tremor.. I couldn't believe it!! My stomach growled till it trembles .. and so I thought I need some food and headed to the pantry to get some Raya cookies.. and continued work.. the news at 8.30pm confirmed the hungry tremor i felt actually came from Mother Earth to the Samoan and the Sumatrans..  -___-  not my hunger pangs ...........

I guess that's the way Mother Nature keep the ecosystem balance. When things get too crowded, she give it a juggle and eats up a small population of us by sending some to hell and heaven respectively. have you ever wondered one day our turn will come? How do I cope? How do you cope? I live on the 7th floor. Do u think i will survive?

Hmm.. If I cant survive and have to be drowned under rummages of ruins, please let me have my clothes on.

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