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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The story of a duck

They said life is a leraning curve and you learn new things daily. Like all things, nothing is free. So is a lesson. This sounds serious eh? :)
maybe it is not to you, but to me it is traumatic!! anything that requires payment is bad :(
I hate learning about something the hard way. relating that to stress level, have you ever wondered how is stress level being rated / measured? By weightage in ounces? By the vibration in Richter scale? Or by the 3 level comparison of Good-Gooder-Goodest?
And i stumbled upon this inquisition today. And also the day before. In facts for many more months before.

I would like to declare myself to be in stress mode. Work stress.. But I can't go further as I am not able to define which level. or how to rate it. If I were to rate based on the prickly feel pinching my chest, I can only rate so fas as being very prickly. I am sure there is a higher level than just being very prickly, but by then I may have collapsed before finishing the post. The question dawned upon me. and I spent RM12.50 only to realise - 'Eh, how stress is my stress now?"
I can't define.. wtf..

Do u also realise that if you are one day a leader, and you have staff relating their difficulties to you (most probably they are really stessful and hope that you can have a share of the burden), most of the time empathy doesn;t really work as efficiently?
Scene 1
Boss : Why u didnt come to work and not inform?
Worker : I want to inform but I forgot the office number..'sob' I tried to remember but my brain is just the size of chickpea.. 'sob'
Boss : in mind " not my problem u got a pea up there" so u think u are a diva..
Worker :' SOB'

But sometimes sentimenst are shared too

Scene 2
Worker : bos, I am very stressed becos MJ died .. "cry"
Boss : he died??!! Darn, I am equally stressed and sad too.. "cry"
Empathy works, cus MJ is a public facility figure adored by all. OK<>

Many a times u faces situation like this :

Scene 3
Staff : Boss, the machine just doesn't work. am not able to sew the duck head on its body hence am not meeting clients demand if we keep generating headless ducks. The machine just cant sew the darn head on! We tried but the head dropp.. :(
Boss : Urmm... try again? Sure it can.. Or, try telling your client and see if they can accept headless ducks?
Staff : Hmmphh... ok lor.. I see what I can do...


Staff : Client, do u think u will be able to accept a headless duck? CusI tried and I tried, but i cant seem to attach the head. Maybe it's best to have the duck without the head?
Client : Well, I need my duck with a head. And the head just have got to be attached to the neck of the body. It really isn't my business how are u gonna do that. You go fool..
Staff : Boss.. client wont listen to me la... the will only take the duck if the head is secured to the neck of the body and not anywhere else..

And so in this situation, how do you cope?

Anyway, the week have been bad.. with my inability to handle human.. and my limbs..
ya.. the limbs that can do no good in mastering my odissi...
with my rate now, I am wondering if there is anything wrong with me..
I am sure it's not dementia.. but the syndrome pertaining to my inability to remember steps seems rather serious..

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