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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do I Envy Or Not?

Its the time of the year again..... sien...
Some people treat their family and friends to dinner with a little extravagant than usual
Some decides to treat themselves by getting pieces of useless jewellery.
Some uses it to go for vacation..
And some just had too many of it that they immediately can throw the entire chunk to get a new house..
And I had none.
Yup, people everywhere are getting bonuses, 13 month salary and rewards or whatever its termed. It never really come across my mind before. Not until a friend mentioned she have got 5 months bonus because she work so hard the entire year. Ignoring call, replying late for sms-es, couldn't turn up to friends' meet-up. And all her hard work are well paid off with a hefty BONUS.

I am not envious. I think. It just made me think a while. All my working life I seem to have a trend of resigning during year end. Which stops me from having the luxury of getting bonus. And when i look for any job opportunity, the bonus issue never really do cross my mind.

And now, of course being in my position i can't even dream of bonus. We live on a stringent budget. No matter how hard I work, no matter how many hours i pour in, I am never gonna get any bonus. It never really bother me.
Because I look forward to improvement from all aspect. But dunno why the money part, the extra money to be precise never come across my mind... Why is that so?
I need the money. I want the money.. But everytime it never cross my mind.
Now, I guess I just have to feel happy for everyone who got their bonuses. There really isn't much that I can do except smile and hope people will share their joy with me.


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