Yesterday I was someone. But I always thought that I am Suetha the Indian Classical Dancer. Then today I am Suhana. Day before I was Suet Mun. Welcome to my alter ego page..

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Here I am again, seated in Starbucks for the next 2 hours. With no laptop, no colour pencils and design book. I had to stop by Popular Booksop to get a ball point pen, a sketch book and an exercise book. And an eraser too :D in any case if I have the urge to draw.

Was out with Miss Tail, soul searching in the temple yesterday. Looking for some positive vibes to add to our life. OK, maybe not hers, but I desperately needed some good vibes..

I am supposed to ask God for forgiveness in case I hurt his feeling or any of his friend's feeling. That's what has been told by me by an 'ex-' friend. He said God may not have forgiven me for what I have done. But. WHAT HAVE I DONE? According to him, whatever shortcomings that I am suffering from now is due to the offences I made which offences the deities -_-

U_U ME : i am just a struggling innocent child of the world struggling to achieve something in my career. I don't bed your husband in order to sell my batik. I don't sleep with the lecturer in order to get good grades. OK, maybe i try show some cleavage to the Corporate Comm officers when I had an appointment. but hey!! they are not listening!! i need to have their attention mah!

With looks like tis, how can i possible be cruel leh?

I am cruelly honest. If you are ugly, then I tell you that you are la... can't blame me you not good looking. If you have droopy breast, then i tell you how droopy is your breast. But i did no wrong!! I am just reminding you in case u have forgotten ;( and since u asked.

I spit out a lot of foul words. But I am sure it;s not as much as those Ah Bengs cramping in the Video arcades what.... Some more, those people who are stuck in traffic also do so... sometimes when the 'thulan-nicity' comes, u just cant fight it off.. Then mar vent it out la.....


Other than that I am normal.. I have never assasinated anyone. Except for the entire generation of ants in my home. But hey!! Guess who bought the most poisonous food in the world and ask me to feed one ant, and the ant will spread to all the entire generation. In which it did spread. And from then on, no more ants crawling next to my bed :)

But I am not the brain behind that masacre!!


MISS TAIL : ah mister, can u tell me what are those aunties praying for?

MR TEMPLE : where?

MISS TAIL : neh!! (pointing to a small crowd of aunties holding stacks of monies for the dead)

MR TEMPLE : oh, they are bla bla bla.... (with my level of understanding in Chinese, I am sorry I cant translate a single thing here)

MISS TAIL : oh, ok. er, I want to pray for relationship leh!!

MR TEMPLE (looking around left to right).. eh, i dunno if today is a good day neh. people come here to give offering today wor.. not asking for help from God. Today not so auspicious.

MISS TAIL : OH, OK. wen can i pray for relationship ?

Think Mr temple a bit thulan with theis despo and give some lame reasoning accordingly to the religion and principle of Tao, Bao, Sao.. i dunno... too deep for me to understand a word.

MISS TAIL : anyway, i have a fren who may have offended the deities.. so, i want to ask on behalf of her how to rid of her offences?

MR TEMPLE : har? offend who? eh, what religion are u all talking about? this is a buddhist temple u know rite?

MISS TAIL : yalar, i know. just tell me la what is she supposed to do.

her inquisitiveness have created a small 88 club among the aunties. people are thinking we are two rebels of the religion trying to make fun of them maybe...

with a sympathetic face towards our ZERO knowledge of the religion which we believe in, MR TEMPLE lectures us loudly :

'Well, kids. I dunno what kinda religion are u talking about. But where got GOD so cry baby one.. U think they got nothing to do but to stomp their feed in front of u meh? and then accuse u of offending them. God of whichever religion are supposed to be forgiving one. They also got no time to hold grudges towards u neh.. u sure u are of this religion ah? Buddhist wor... '


hehe... i am so happy... he is right. After all why is Guan Yin the Goddess of Mercy? God are forgiing one mah...

phew... ok, I did not offend anyGod after all. even if i do, they wont hold grudges mar... I just promise to be good next time.

Then Miss Tail forced me to join her verbal forum of the day : PEOPLE WHO ARE LOST WILL EVENTUALLY SEEK AND TURN TO GOD FOR A DIRECTION. SO, ARE WE LOST?

Erm, am i lost?

I admit la I am not so successful. I m still not featured in any socialite magazine wearing any branded wear, nor donning any super hairstyle. I am still working my ass off in the office and I grumble once a while of how miserable life i had to endure.
I have not been performing well in work lately also. God knows why. Maybe too much time spent Facebook-ing... And I am totally as single as an ice-cream stick ( dun even know why ice cream stick).

But does that imply that I have lost my direction meh? I thought these are just glitches in life due to badly written scripts. ONLY in this small episode of my life. No one movies also will have flawless script. Just a minute of a badly written script.
Maybe after that minute, I will become famous and successful as i fantasize leh...

Really no direction ar??
I don't know.
Tell me lar...



  1. don't know lah...people who makan gaji like me look at you and think, "wow, suet mun is so brave to venture out on her own. somemore jumped levels after leaving you-know-what." if you could afford to go to starbucks regularly, me thinks you are not doing too bad. your spirit and courage are very much admirable.

  2. I'm dying to know who is this ms. tail.... anyone i know?


  3. hahaha... yes u do know her. go figure :D


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