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Thursday, December 27, 2007


I really do want to know....


what a lame trip I had today. I was expecting mind provoking, heart melting, mouth-watering display of batik by some of the famous Ali, Ahmad and Abdullah...

But this is what I got instead...


nope. not some scene from Pontianak harum Sundal Malam. So bloody eerie, i dare not take any pictures. Just downloaded this from some yuppies in the Internet.

Am worried I may snap some other form of living matter when taking photo hence i skipped this part of the installation work...


WORK BY : 'samsu-aladdin roti bakar' * collaborating with 'roti kaya laboratory' *
WHAT IT SAYS : the role of batik in the birth, nurturing and growth of Malaysian..


c'mon lar!!! no better idea to personify the installation? does this meant that batik is just a piece of ' dry- the -bloody- mama -with- the- kain -batik-used-as-leg-wiper-on-the-floor.

there is just no relevance to the entire point of installation. if it's meant to say that although Batik does not originates from Malaysia, but we Malaysian have given a new birth of Batik representing our identity, this is definitely not the perfect way of depicting it.
Seriousy I do not think this is even a good idea to just try and show the rest of the world that batik is so important because pregnant ladies used it to wrap the baby, wipe the blood during birth... If they have a pile of newspaper and nothing else, i am sure they wud have use the newspaper also leh....

dunno... it just doens't make sense to me...

this one look like kempen 'kalau mau buang bayi anda, buang dalam buaian biar reput' U_U

this is the abstract baby. I swear its like pontianak... crushed baby in a pool of blood

Giant skirt with cushion underneath (to watch lewd act under the skirt)

bodoh!!! this is contemporary modern, not old!!!


THEME : MONOCHROMATIC BATIK (dunno which part is monochrome)

WORK BY : 'emas-hari-ini-nak abu' * and 'sesar salada' *

CONCEPT : showcases batik as remote and traditional in its creation, yet sophisticated and modern in its approach. The design of the batik is traditional at the bottom and will gradually change into mmore modern motive at the top, showing the transition of the history of batik in Malaysia. It gives a sense of long forgotten days, exhibiting culture and tranquility in an installation of old and new, traditional and modern.

MY VERDICT : There is nothing old nor retrospective on the portrayed idea. No form of transition seen. Visitor is supposed to lift the skirt and have a different view of batik from inside. The colourful batik is enveloped with a white fabric on the outside. The form of visualisation this installation give me is more lewd than reminiscing the transition of batik.
all i see is modern contemporary colours confined in a big skirt... feels like 'I Dream of Genie' once I got into the skirt..

More like ' WELCOME TO GIANT LUCAH-NESS' . See the naked pelvic behind the scene. At first glance one would have thought that the plaster pelvic is some leftover from the previous exhibition. Then move away further and see the entire installation....... choi!!! It's about a naked lady in ugly heel who doesn't want to wear her skirt. Some more she want people to lift her skirt to see all the fancies underneath it... kanasai... batik porn...

so many Mat Jenins


WORK BY : students of the institute that produces batik- Uni Marah !!

CONCEPT : experimental ideas that go BEYOOOOOND mere imagery. daydreaming is the expression the team would like to convey. Based on the old folks tales, Mat Jenin dream of becoming someone someday, and he got lost in his dreams and eventually fell to death from a coconut tree... Daydreaming is perceived to be a negative behaviour and the tales sought to teach people that they shouldn't try to reach for their dreams. This artwork reclaims the act of dreaming as a positive attitude as one need to reach for the stars in order to make their dreams come true. The character of Mat Jenin is a metaphor for the modern Malaysian.

(talk so much and yet i don't have a clue what is the actual representation dream or no dream ar?)

MY VERDICT : crap. now this is the best part people will ask themselves. Where is the batik? what is the relevance with batik and Mat Jenin and astronauts? such an obvious misrepresentation of work. If it says that Dr Shaikh Muzaphar have worn a batik to the space (and make everyone feel drowsy due to the horrid colors of the shirt, I understand lar) . ya, he wore this :

luckily didn't kena shot by the aliens and got mistaken as tahi bintang
the scrap of batik pieces used to mend on the astro suits when torn. kanasai...
I know art is subjective but this is merely hypocrite, ironic and irrelevant. those doing it are people majoring in fine arts.. this is definitely not so FINE to my perspective.. and it doesn't really need to take anyone artistic to sew on patches of printed batik on a suit. it just look like a bunch of mat rempit in space suit trying to berlagak as if they love the country by donning some batik cut-outs and doing motor stunts..
2 more artist which is available, but don't think its of any use to even comment.. seems like the RM50,000 donated by some corporation to do this is just a waste of monies. Most probably the most expensive items in the entire exhibition is the 'plaster pelvic'

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