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Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Am Happy

I had the most annoying conversation with a so called friend.
After much re-reading of the much hyped about book, The Secret, he is pronounced possessed.
Dear friend,
I know you are what you want ( I think no one know what you want)
You are receiving what you wanted to receive too (tho I have no idea what)
You have what you wanted ( I dunno what you wanted since u make ur cabinet out of cardboards)
You are having the time of your life
YOu are also enjoying the best time of your life
You have just got yourself a new job which you deem great
You claim to have great friends apart from me
You think you can cook
You think you travelled the most (but u usually commute back to Batu Pahat and S'pore)
You do not know what more can you ask for
Simply because u think you have a great life
You think your life is so short
Hence you have to live your life to the fullest
You think I am depressing, and you think I exude negativity to you.

My dear friend,
Have you not realised?
In your aspiration to be happy
It is all about YOU
YOUR happiness, YOUR freedom
YOUR great life, YOUR everything
Have you not realised?
Why you have to go around town throwing confetti
Proudly declaring to the rest of us social well beings
that YOU are HAPPY?
Being so worried that people do not know you are happy?

Indeed I see you are trying very hard to put on this mask of happiness you are trying to build.
It may not be a mask. It may be the you.
But I do not look upon your happiness.
Merely because you are practising what i would have termed 'self-centred'

Being happy......
to me is when ;

I am stuck in a jam and I chant out the OM MANI PADME HUM to the CD and I feel 'enlightened'

Then it struck my mind ; having some sort of belief to hold on to actually make me thing about many aspect and angles of my life which deserve improvement. And I am eager to improve

Being happy......
to me is when ;

I pass some stupid naughty kid yelling. I gave them a snide remark. Then in the lift, another baby girl just smiled to me and i smiled back.

Then it struck my mind ; as irritated as I am towards most things called children, I still have some human values in me. I am not as cruel as you think I am.

Being happy......
to me is when ;

I put a dollar note to the blind lady bowl sitting at the entrance of Kamdar and she said a cheery thank you

Then it struck my mind ; here I am, spending my money on Starbucks and buying yards and yards of fabric to make into clothes that I most probably end up not wearing, but there is a soul here who need help..

Being happy......
to me is when ;

I stopped my car and let the uncle in his old bicycle cross before i ram forward and he gave a wave of gladness

Then it struck my mind ; what if other drivers wont be as kind as me? what if he coludnt manage to stop hic bicycle and trip and his life just end like that?

Being happy......
to me is when ;

My customer appreciate the little details I put into every piece of my batik and wrapped it nicely for them

Then it struck my mind ; OK.... I will put in lots more details and hopefully they remember me everytime they need a piece of Batik :D

Being happy......
to me is when ;

I listen to my friends talk/ complain/ yell/ sing out their frustration. Once they are done they felt so relieved. I am glad I helped.

Then it struck my mind ; I am glad that I have ease their uncomfort, but I feel sad and empathise with whatever problems that they have to go through. I just hope it will turn out better.

YA, my dear friend. My level of happiness is not even comparable with your orgasmic feel of HAPPINESS.
Call me naive, call me negative.. To me live, in fact everybody's life is

Life consist of a series of resonating happy sad and sometimes neutral waves of emotion. There are times when you are in extreme downhill, only later to be salvaged at a certain point. There is never a peak period of complete euphoria. If there is, life would be soooo boring...

Everyone just walk around Sg Wang area in euphoric manner, with a big smile. Then the Ah beng just won't look Ah Beng enough with a glee :D
Can you also imagine Amy of the rock group Search belt out his rock songs in gleeful happiness? The crowd would have think he is high on drugs lor... U_U

And where got every series of Grey's Anatomy is all about happiness? So is Desperate housewifes...

Dear friend,
I think you are high on some chemical substance derived from that THE SECRET book u bought lor... U seriously need help not to be so SELF CENTRED...

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  1. hi suet mun,

    I read the secret too. Came a point in my life where some principal that believed in so much fail me. I was sad. Then I read the secret. And then I decided to change too. Unfortunately, till today I get similar response form others too.

    But what I realize it that others don’t seem to be accepting the changes that one want to make and call it an act!!! I am not sure what or how your friend has decided to change, but I can guarantee, if it’s the secret that he/she read, one will never turn out to be self centered…if he/she does…they have fail to understand the book…but do you know the biggest challenge of all is for other to accept the changes. They sure need to write secret part 2..


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