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Monday, July 18, 2011

Of Pranayama And Kiasu

When I was in Primary school I really wanted to join the gymrama class when we are forced to pick a club to do an activity. Instead I joined the Hobby Club -__-  Sewing patches to make into quilt and talk about boring, dirty stamps collected via all sorts of way.

Perhaps gymrama isn't the appropriate thing for a 38kgs primary school student. Michelle Chuah only weighs 39kgs now, at age 26 O.o
But I always have these inclination towards activities that requires super duper bending and flexing of muscle. I get fidgety very much if I am required to sit still and watch a movie. I felt numb. I felt dead having to remain in a dead composure.

Yoga too requires one to remain in an almost 'dead' stances sometimes. Being kiasu, I insist I can. And I think I can most of the time. But I can't be doing it in an all-time kiasu mode. Because it is tiring! To have to hold my breath and hold my stance and hold the sense of kiasuism, all at one time.

I am not so sure what do people look for when they go for yoga classes. In fact, I am not sure what do I have in mind when i joined one too. But it is amazing that I can wake up and be half an hour early for class diligently every Sunday. And for the rest of the days where I am required to go to work, I am normally 45 minutes late to work =D

I did Salsa for 2 years. Because I can envision myself doing hot moves!! =P And those glittery dresses oh my!
I did Odissi too for a year plus. Because I have always wanted to do it and I seriously think I was Suetha in past life. Just that Suetha was born with some bad hand and foot cordination, hence the inability to perform a full Mangalacharan =P  But I am deadly determined to eventually finish it and have my own set of foot bells ;) I just need to find time and some solace from work and finish it.
I signed up for Pole Classes too. Yeah, the steel pole where skimpy dancers with long legs and mountainous boos climbs on. But NO! I have no intention of being  Club dancers. Or freelancing as a bunny girl that appears in a big birthday cake during some old men's 67th birthday. I am simply doing it to see if I can do it. Like any of the 38kgs girls with long legs.

And so in between all these visions I have, I am now doing yoga. Which I believe is the missing chain to all  sorts of dance I have envisioned. Salsa need co-ordination and fast moves and more co-ordination! Odissi needs stamina and more co-ordination. Pole needs obviously strength of hands and calf muscles.

And I believe I can derive all these from yoga. Which to me I would assume as a sets of slow exercise to allow me to think and breathe and perform the required acts without music and beats that requires me to bend left knees, raise right heels and make a half turn to grab a partner's hand. Until today... when we are required to do repetition of trikona again and again!! I realised I am out of hand and foot co-ordination again
Yes, I cannot repeat my moves. I get confused over repetition of acts. But because it is a slow act, and with a bit of kiasuism, I think I will be able to do it better the week after! =P

There were many of us in the class and most are struggling. I supposed I would too, if not because I am slightly flexible. And to add to it, kiasu in being able to do it =P

It's been a while that I have not been practising Pranayama. The last was during Odissi classes, almost a year back. We always forget to breathe when we try to perform stances that requires stability. I am  not sure about others, but yes, most of the time, I remain corpse dead and hope the guruji will say FINISH before I turn blue black from not breathing. And the most ironic part is that at the time of doing a stance, I remind myself to breathe and while reminding myself to breathe, I did not breathe! (wow! I am so complex!)

Pranayama did help me alot when I go for marathon and hill trekking. The 2 types of activity which i stopped doing and hence obviously stopped utilising the breathing skills. I guess I really need to sync my mind, breathing, hand and feet. And that's a lot to sync.

Note to self : Do not attempt to practise Anuloma Viloma while driving to reduce risk of not being able to breathe forever.

kiasu act from home O.o

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