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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Next One After Cava

Is 21 Terrace and Tables and Chairs. Yeah this could most probably be my next favourite hang out location after Cava in Jalan Bangkung. In fact, I have slowed down in frequenting Cava after they have a batch of new waitresses who couldn't be specific on what is being served on my table...

I am not a clubber. Nor any serious freeloader who seriously hang out at night in clubs and lounge and pubs. but I do use up my lucnh hour very productively in places that serves good food. Yeah, I entertain for lunch  mah...

And when this Dimanche thingy is held in 21 Terrace ( let's just keep the name short =P ), I have no reason not to go! Nice food. Cheap drinks promo and complimented with some not-so-serious-shopping act. Yeah, they have bazaars' vendors to entertain your shopping need ;)

Spotted Moonstruck Closet with her Eyeko range of make-up and some other stuff.
Peep Boutique with her loyal attendance to almost every Dimanche session

my staple : mojito
my fave : prawn risotto

bored people - Sha Lene and Wei Ni

prawn risotto - first attempt yang kurang sedap di masak 

fries that seems so healthy!! ;)

fries and friend

isn't it great to be able to shop, eat and drink under one roof? air-conditioned some more!

Mechell <3 the '' menu

my bunch of under-aged friends 

prawn risotto which was re-cooked in perfection! best!
Hand-made ring sponsored by Bijoux Vanity


no one else seem to be keen in food but me?

ignore the bored specimen and look beyond the background.. full glass window for superior sunshine!! but of course with air condition ;)

bila nak kahwin?

I demanded u cook my risotto again!

This could most probably be the second Blogger meet up, but the first with the YSK boss.

*picking fight*
Here I practise dictatorship

*fight settled*

what are we to do if we do not fight? *ponder*

'cut the crap mehh!!'

*berbaik-baik semula*

one happy floral gang

ANTM pose phailed

too sweet to snap the ANTM pose

florals and bar tables do not match...

Wei Ni got bored of my camwhoring... ;(

pretending to have spent so much on drinks ;)

minum dan makan!
Lunch promo too starts from RM12 to RM24. My prawn risotto is RM17 ;)

people who do not socialise are always caught being busy with their battery operated gadgets

makan sate!!!

itu Motte caught watching Korean soap!!!

camwhore with DSLR phailed...


we emptied the table..

omak datang memeluk... assalamualaikum...

got good news ke?
Nakalicious taklah senakal mana pun..

sembang-sembang datin

Soak Republic conquering a big corner to make her own Republic of rings ;)

value for money burger set going for RM8 only!! no joke!
In real, it looked bigger than this ok ;)

Get more info about Dimanche HERE
It is held once every 2 weeks on a Sunday. Drinks promo currently running are the Buy 1 Free One promo which I couldn't resist! RM24 for 2 glasses of mojito wei! 
and to get to tables and terrace and book yourself one of the tables, go HERE

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