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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Om Shanti..

If you do not know by now, I am a big fan of Indian Classical Dance. I am scared of the Chinese Lion Dance however..
I have started watching Tamil movie since Standard One and the first movie that I could remember was Anjali. And after that there were many session of Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth to follow each week. I still remember that my primary school bus driver look like a plumper version of Rajnikanth ;)

And so I have kept this desire to learn Indian classical dance since I was in Form 3. before that I do have the vision too, just that I am too confined in a Chinese community that I don't think I have a sane mind when I have vision of doing the dance from the neighbouring culture ;)

And so after much hassle, I finally started realising dream when I was about 28 years old or so. When I met up with some random stranger (who is now friend - Malathy!)in facebook via some random friend and was introduced to the beautiful world of Indian Classical Dance. And so I pursued the dance from Orissa, the Odissi :)

I must admit my hand and feet coordination isn't one of the best, hence i am pretty slow in catching up. I had the same jittery issue when I started salsa and was doing it for almost 2 years and still jittery.
But then salsa is merely a fun thing to do. Things that I wanted to do for the sake of doing. But it's different with the Indian Classical Dance. I am sure there is a reason why my vision of doing it did not die down after I have been nestling it since Form 3. Hence I pursued till my work killed my time...

As at now, I must have stopped for a year. And every time I attended any Indian Classical Dance Show, it's like an almost crying session because  I would always imagine if I were to pursue when I was way younger, today I could have been out of the corporate world and dance into the artistic world =D Or perhaps, I could one day perform!!! Which dancers wouldn't want to perform? But oh well, I still suspect I am suffering from some hand and foot mis-co-ordinated syndrome ;(

After much hesitation on what to do next, and after another failed attempt to register in Sutra, I think I may want to continue my dream of being Aishwarya Rai  in doing the classical dance again. Because it hasn't really died down on me. Only that I have way too much thing to do in between life which leads to the neglecting of it.. Now I am giving another attempt to it :)

If you too are inquisitive about what is it and are always curious to explore this beautiful, artistic world of Indian Classical dance..look no further and give it a try with the Madhura Academy.. yeah, that's wher I used to go.. And I am going again soon ;)

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